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  1. intensity_white

    Where do you sit on your bike?

    I feel like I can move more freely in the saddle the further back I move. I'm aiming my sit bones for the widest part of the saddle. I have the 18 comfort seat, and I could swear it feels like there is more gel right there, so it just feels right!
  2. Also received an mounted my bags this weekend (Low). I can only mirror what @rmdet says--these are great bags and James/Suzanne were great to work with. I like these bags/system better than the SW Motech/Yamaha bags they replaced-they are easier for me to open with a glove on, and they are easier to get on and off the bike. They also are sleeker and just look better. Highly recommended.
  3. intensity_white

    FZ 07 or Street Triple

    Also consider how much you enjoy wrenching/modding. For me, the extra expense/work of bringing the Yamaha up to speed is at least half the fun, so the FZ/MT presents an opportunity to do some fun projects on a pretty solid foundation with a low entry price. Also, my local Triumph dealer closed down. So probably an easier choice for me than for you.
  4. intensity_white

    Sport Bike Newbie

    Hey welcome @AngieD700. I'm really interested in your P.O.V. on the MT07 versus your Harleys, since I've been curious to try a cruiser for a while. I'm particularly curious how you think the MT compares to a Sportster. Anyhow, enjoy the new bike, and my vote for your first upgrade is shorty levers.
  5. @shrike1 I forgot one last question: Do you happen to have dimensions for the bags? Want to make sure my small camera rig will fit. I am also sending a sales inquiry. Thanks!
  6. Thanks @shrike1 . I want these bags beyond reason (I already own the SW Motech Blaze bags). While they don't say so, SW Motech look unsafe/unfeasible with a tidy, as they look like they would eclipse the signals. Hence, why I am so excited about the Shrike bags. So clever! One last question, please: the "Low" mount system is more secure because it is locked in by a thumb screw inside the bags, and then I can lock the bags themselves with a luggage lock. Do I have that right?
  7. @shrike1 does the "Low" configuration work with stock tails? I've currently have the stock tail, but would like to upgrade in the future. Thanks!
  8. intensity_white

    My 2018 MT-07 w/ some TST Parts

    Thanks for sharing the pics! I myself am living slider free, and I sometimes wonder if *I* am the fool, or if guys that spend a lot of sliders are... (not that I'm calling anybody a fool!!!!!) As they say, there are two kinds of riders, and I'm still in the first camp.
  9. intensity_white

    SW-Motech blaze bags w/rails review

    I'd be interested in your opinion about the tail tidy after you install the bags. I'm just guessin' here. Agreed!
  10. intensity_white

    2018 MT-07 fairing removal

    I did this to my 2018 the other day when I installed my EJK. I didn't take any pics because I was figuring it out as I went. However, it turned out to be pretty easy, seemingly easier than the previous model years based on the EJK install video I watched. Basically, you can remove the two colored tank shell pieces and the central black plastic piece that surrounds the filler cap as one unit. I simply removed the two air scoops on either side (1 or 2 screws and some clips IIRC) and then removed about 6 or so screws from the tank shell (two at the base, two near the filler cap, 2 near the radiator) and the whole thing lifted off. One thing I didn't think of until I was done was using some of the diagrams on the parts websites for reference. For example, at first, I tried to remove each side of the tank shell separately. The parts diagram seems to indicate that this isn't possible (bolts hold the shell to the central piece from underneath.
  11. intensity_white

    SW-Motech blaze bags w/rails review

    I have the SW Motech branded bags from my previous bike that I have been able to fit to my 18 MT. One thing I learned from this is that there are two versions of the bag, and I had the "High" version from my previous bike, which is what the MT/FZ 07 need. The other thing I've noticed is that I don't believe these bags are compatible with tail tidies. I'm afraid the bags will cover too much of the turn signals. I wish the supports flared out a bit more the help keep them clear of the signals, but as it is, the bags push up against them a tiny bit. That said, they haven't been off my bike since installation. I find them essential equipment.
  12. Do you have a link to where you ordered your screen from?

  13. intensity_white

    KTM Duke 790 Wow!

    I hope KTM gains more quality, as I would enjoy buying their products from them in the future. But the problem with the 690 Duke isn't a theoretical piece of mind type thing; it's hot fuel sprayed at the rider. And it was ongoing when I picked up my MT earlier this year.
  14. intensity_white

    MT-07 windscreen size

    It's working fine for me, btw. I *might* reduce a bit of buffeting around the chest. So that's good. It also doesn't create any additional buffeting around my head. I mostly got it for aesthetic reasons, as the front of the bike looked a bit "unfinished" without it. In that sense, this one is a bit taller than I would've liked.

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