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  1. It does have abs. So maybe the rear break is actually pumping? And the squeal is the wheel skidding?
  2. I torqued the Axel to spec using a rented tool few weeks ago, should be good. Yeah I've only heard the squeal. A few times, but it's pretty loud and nasty sounding. Also, anyone who says not to wheelie this bike...do yourself a favor and go wheelie this bike.
  3. In second gear sometimes when I clutch up wheelie I heard a loud clunk noise, like something banging into something else, it happens right after I dump the clutch and as the wheel is popping up. Also, sometimes I hear a high pitch squealing noise from the back, also right after I dunno the clutch (while I've got the revs high) almost sounds like the rear wheel locking up and sliding. I have a new bike only 900 miles, chain is within spec, on the looser end of the range for my bike but definitely in spec. Any idea if these sounds are normal? They don't seem to happen every time, more often right when I start my bike up I think, but maybe I just don't always notice it.
  4. captainkool4

    Harder to rev match after ECU?

    Yeah I think I was holding the throttle open after the blip instead of a steady open then close, seems to work pretty well now.
  5. Before my ecu flash I felt like I could match revs in the downshift pretty well. Now, I feel like I can't ever catch it properly. Have you guys noticed this? Any tips to rev match perfect? My understanding is pull in clutch, kick down a gear, rev higher then quickly release the clutch. Thanks.
  6. I realized I sit way forward, so when I look down I can't see the seat at all just the tank and my legs. On the highway the bike feels more star if I scoot back so there's about 4 or 5 inches if seat showing when I look down. Where do you sit?
  7. captainkool4

    Wheel Alignment

    How much difference in measurement is OK from one side to the other?
  8. captainkool4

    Chain tension noob questions

    Heres a video showing my question about downward pressure on the chain when measuring: https://streamable.com/kjmol The manual does mention to pull down with 3 foot pounds of force. Now just gotta find a way to estimate that...
  9. captainkool4

    Chain tension noob questions

    Yeah mine was a half mark off after I turned each end nut an equal amount. Then I tightened the right mire to match up the marks. Maybe I'll go undue those extra turns. I practice doing wheelies so I really don't want a misaligned rear wheel.
  10. captainkool4

    Another "How To" on adjusting the chain

    I noticed this exact same sound today but before I did any chain tightening.
  11. captainkool4

    Aligning your rear wheel.

    Are you talking about if I changed the rear suspension with that weird wrench? I think it starts at like 4 or 5 and can be knocked up to 7 or 8? I stiffened my suspension with that wrench tool, so I should make my chain looser than stock?
  12. Hey i recently tightened my chain for the second time, bikes at 700 miles. First time the dealer did it. Three noob questions: 1) where do you start the measure from? See my attaches picture. Do I put the ruler into the the black "A" spot or the red "B" spot? 2) how much downward pressure should you put on the chain when measuring? As much as you can with two fingers? Just a little pressure? Medium amount? The measurement changes big time depending on how much pressure you apply. 3) I don't have a torque wrench, and I think I tightened the Axel nut more than it was originally. Is it harmful to overtighten the Axel nut? Thanks in advance for any input. It may be hard to tell but that whole piece is one piece of plastic, but there's that smaller ledge that ends halfway down. I don't understand from the manual which point we should measure from. Bonus question: I turned each end nut half a turn at a time to tighten the chain, but when I put everything back together, the Axel nuts on each side were not touching the same markings etched on the swing arm. I had to take it back apart and tighten the right side an additional turn and a half to make the Axel nut line up at the same mark on each side of the swing arm. But that means I've turned those end nuts a different amount on each side. Have I misaligned my wheel? I measured the amount of Bolt sticking out behind the end nuts on each side and the side I have the extra tightening to has .8mm less exposed Bolt. Is there any way to make sure my wheel is properly aligned? Edited: mixed up nut and Bolt
  13. captainkool4

    normal engine sound?

    I noticed this sound today when I was in low revs in first and second gear. Seemed to disappear in higher revs and also in higher gear but low revs. Also can hear it when in idle.
  14. Yeah I saw that too. I was getting unacceptable jerkiness at low, and what I would call medium throttle--Between 20-35mph. At faster speed the jerkiness wasn't as apparent. But since I drive in the city a lot that jerkiness lower down and in the middle drove me batty. I wonder if I'm just extra sensitive to the jerkiness or if my bike has some issue that you guys didn't have. Weird that no one seems to have had the same experience as me.
  15. You don't notice any jerkiness coming on and off the throttle? I'm talking about just closing it a little then cracking it back again.

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