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  1. Have you had a chance to test the windshield you order? I also am in the same boat and since there is nothing available in Canada yet, I was planning to try some MRA universal. In any case let us know.
  2. I would agree with you on the laters, BUT for lights perception.... The only problem is we a talking about car drivers that probably do not know the difference height or are to distracted to even see a difference. We are not talking about motorcyclists like you and me who gives a f... about these things. So I tend to agree with Ryan on this one.
  3. No need to apologize Beemer, we are not fussy :) Thank you for the warm welcome.
  4. Directly in Quebec City. Loretteville
  5. Hey, Great place to be. You get to summer time at least 2-3 weeks before me and we are not taking about the difference in snow quantity... Great playground. Ride safe.
  6. Not that odd... The language difference challenge is also a big factor. She speaks French and very little English. I would be curious to have a pool asking how many users from the forum have their wife/spouse/GF participating in a motorcycle forum where 95%+ of the population are males. Lots of woman rides now and this is great, but we don’t see much hanging in forums. ../Bruno
  7. Hi Safety, La madame aime vraiment beaucoup!! She is replacing a CB500X so power delivery is " a bit different" ;) If you find someting that we can order to be shipped in Canada let me know. beside the windshield and side cases I will also modify the seat to add gel and memory foam. Were are you located? ../Bruno
  8. I dont think so. She loves riding while I care for the bikes... sorry Beemer
  9. Hi all, we pull the trigger on a 2018 grey MT07 for my GF. This her third bike. We did our first trial today. It’s a really fun bike. Very light and compact. I look forward to add a windshield and sommes rigids sides cases (Shad or Givi). The only problem is that some of the adds-on from the 2017 and previous are not compatible with the 2018. I am still waiting for sku updates from Puig, Givi, Shad and MRA in North America. The new parts are available from some vendord In europe but need to cross the river . My self, I currently ride a brand new 2018 GSX-S1000F that I like very much. ../Bruno

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