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  1. Still available!
  2. Obviously, I'll agree with the others on both general safety and getting the right gear to keep you alive. Other than that, and even this surprised me, getting a good tune on this particular bike mikes things much "safer". A good tune will reduce the jerkiness of the throttle and you can reduce the (VERY) heavy engine braking. It makes this bike far more predictable which in turn make things "safer" in my opinion. Pair that with a loud pipe so ppl know you're near them (loud pipes save lives) and you've successfully made your new bike safer and gained a few ponies as well!
  3. Wow....no wonder it sounds like a moped with stock exhaust!!
  4. JRFlurry

    Tracer 700 seat fit a MT07?

    It looks really similar. Wonder if you could order it straight through a Yamaha dealer?
  5. JRFlurry

    2018 mt 07 fender elimination kit?

    I’ll have to take a look to see but I think I recall having a few leftover myself.
  6. JRFlurry

    2018 mt 07 fender elimination kit?

    Did the same as Alan. Just followed the instructions. Make sure you find screws under the little rubber “flaps” on the rear side panels under the seat! It’s a pretty straightforward process for the 18 MT. Just take your time!
  7. I’m a bit far as well in Rochester Hills. I’ve got the Two Bros S1R. I run with no silencer so it’s loud as all get-up but it’s a deep roar. I love it.
  8. JRFlurry

    500 Mile MT-07 Update

    I don't hear a tick but my chain makes an awful lot of noise.
  9. For sale: A set of MZS shorty levers. Got em off Amazon for about $42 shipped about a month ago. Nothing wrong with them, not a scratch, work perfectly. There is a little wobble on the clutch lever that can be solved with a thin washer. Only reason I’m selling them is that little red adjuster drives my OCD absolutely crazy so I found a set in gold to better match my bike. Selling for $35 shipped (US only) so you can save a few bucks off the amazon price. Located in Rochester Hills, MI.
  10. Mine definitely doesn’t feel like that. I would get ahold of 2wdw and see if maybe something went wrong.
  11. Just in case anyone was wondering what the differences are between the stock filter cover and the MWR filter cover...here ya go. Originally had the stock cover w/ the snorkel removed and a K&N filter. Was gonna go DNA with the stage two cover until I started really doing digging and research. Ended up going the MWR filter and cover route as it seemed to have more flow then the DNA, was a bit cheaper, and wasn’t coming from Greece. Also found some dyno charts that showed better gains (taken with a grain of salt) with the MWR. Anyway...swapped them out and I definitely feel a pretty decent change in pull above about 5-5.5k RPM. Not much of a “butt dyno” difference under 5k. Also both intake noise and exhaust got quite a bit louder. My bike does have a 2WDW tune for the Two Bros S1R exhaust and the K&N w/no snorkel and I’m hoping that it’s not running to much more lean now. Anyhow...here’s a pic of the two side by side.
  12. Honestly I thought the same exact thing in the first few miles. Almost like something was "wrong". But its just the way everything was smoothed out. The power is definitely still there...its just not as rabid dog like. And I still have a good amount of engine breaking but it doesn't throw me forward anymore. It may take a little getting used to but give it some time/miles and you'll be happy.
  13. JRFlurry

    Finally joined the club!

    Welcome and congrats on the new bike! My plan was the same, keeping her stock for the first year, now I'm in about 2k for upgrades and mods. Haha. The mod bug bites hard!!
  14. JRFlurry

    Father's Day Sale!

    If you’ve been on the fence...just pull the trigger. It’s to hard to convey in words how much this tune will change the bike. 110% worth it even at full retail!!

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