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  1. Randucci

    Fz-07 Rear Handbrake

    Just curious, where would you add it?
  2. @shrike1 Are there any comparison pictures showing the difference between the "high" and "low" mount bags?
  3. Are there any comparison pictures showing the difference between the "high" and "low" mount bags?
  4. Randucci

    Removing 02 sensor on stock exhaust?

    Since I live close to 2WDW, I rode there a few weeks ago and got a flash. They pulled out the snorkel at that time. They did not say anything about disconnecting the O2 Sensor. I am going to install a Akra exhaust, so I’ll ask them when I get the reflash for the added exhaust.
  5. Yes, it is the double bubble in the grey color. It works well for me.
  6. I like fabricating custom parts for my bike, but if it doesn't fit in the main categories under "FZ-07 Garage" and it isn't a Tech Tip, where would I put them? Under this new section "FZ-07 Builds"? Even if it Is just a single part? I kind of don't want to put the parts I made in a single thread because it would be hard for someone to find just one special part like the "rear reservoir" bracket I made. They would have to read through all the "FZ-07" Builds" to find the one item they were looking for. Do you see what I'm trying to say? Under the "FZ-07 Builds", could you just list separate items you have added? One new example is I built a new stand similar to the ABBA Superbike Work stand, where should I post it?
  7. In, here is mine with the new TST Halo turn signals.....
  8. I got the MRA, it installed very easily and looks good (in my opinion). I put a extra rubber washer under the top fastening screws to lift it slightly higher, it cut down on the wind hitting my chest.
  9. . If you talking about the one in the first post, that is the one I ended up using.
  10. Since I only live about 25mi. away and it was a beautiful, I drove to 2WDW and had my ECU flash. The guys were great and turned it around in about 35 minutes while I waited! They also removed the snorkel as a whole saying cutting it off and leaving the top really didn't help, I don't plan on riding in the rain, so not a problem with me. The on and off gas isn't near as harsh as it was and easier to ride.
  11. 61 and glad to be riding again.
  12. Here is the added top piece picture with the mockup card board.
  13. I put in some hours last night trying to make a mount that would keep the dash more forward and up a little higher. But because of the fairing I have (and like a lot), it ended up not working out. The new bracket would have to be more forward or higher in order to be able to get the key in and out of the ignition switch. The fairing just wouldn't allow that, so I went back to the bracket I made above, which does work for me. In the two pictures below, there is a piece that needs be added on, which is shown in the next post (my pictures are too large). It is shown taped on as I needed to test different heights, once determined, I was going to weld it in place and drill two mounting holes in the top.
  14. One of the biggest obstacles is that the stock dash mounting bracket is long and part of the whole back of the dash, it makes it hard to push forward because of how far the mounting holes are from the dash. The wire harness doesn't look to be a problem because you can route it back around the other side of the right handlebar. The fairing (or at least the one I used) may be an obstacle too, but I'll do a little mocking up and see if it will fit on the forward side above the ignition and if you can get the key in and out (kind of important).

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