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  1. Southeastern Ohio near Athens is full of great roads. One of my favorites is the Triple Nickel (rt 555). Here's a promo link which shows off 9 really great rides in the area.
  2. Just installed the Admore Light with Smart Technology. I have one installed on my Sport Touring bike and liked it so well I installed one on my '17 FZ-07. Installation was a breeze and the kit includes all the connectors needed for the job. I simply mounted it using the top license plate holes. Plenty of room under the seat for the wiring. This light has an accelerometer built in which detects deceleration and will blink the lights if you are engine breaking. This video shows it in operation.
  3. If you can't do training, there are some very good books out there. One of the best for a novice rider is "Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough. He's got several other books on the subject too.
  4. Littlebriar

    Sport Bike Newbie

    I bought a new '17 FZ-07 a couple months ago. I also have a big 1200 BMW sport touring bike. The new bike is a joy to ride. 250 lbs lighter but the same power to weight ratio as the bigger bike. It's quick and nimble and a blast for short rides into town or through the twisties. The biggest problem with the bike is a toggle switch action on the throttle. Real jerky because of emission standards. An ecu reflash will fix that. Search this forum for more info. This forum is a great resource. Friendly and helpful people who know their stuff here.
  5. Love the forum. Great job on the admin. Site works better than most I follow.

    Quick question:

    How can I edit a post I created? Can't seem to find any way to do that.

    Thanks again for a great job.

  6. Just installed the safer-turn device on my '17 FZ-07. After a couple simple issues, the system is working very well. This device is really smart and cool. The price has dropped to $99. It has accelerometer, gyroscope, and motion detector so it knows what you're doing. It recognizes lane changes, turns, even roundabouts. I agree with the OP, it's hard to believe a cancelling turn signal isn't on the bike. Installation is straight forward but I changed the wiring method to reduce the bulky butt connectors. You basically intercept the 3 wires coming from the switch and install the device in-line. That makes 6 butt connectors plus the power and ground for a total of 8 connectors. It's difficult the get all this stuffed back in behind the headlight. I just soldered the connections and used shrink wrap instead of using the connectors. Made it much easier to get everything back together. I initially got my power from a programmable distribution box I installed when I first got the bike. The system worked initially but quit after I rode the bike a few miles. I contacted safer-turn and they responded quickly with a suggestion to use a different power source. They suspected a poor ground connection. I switched it to the auxiliary outlet under the tank. System works flawlessly now. I love it. I installed the module next to the regulator on the left side. I just used some super strong velcro. Picture is attached.
  7. Littlebriar

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Here's a great video that shows many of the tips and techniques discussed in this thread.
  8. Littlebriar

    Anyone in West Michigan? I want to hear your bike

    I'm a little too far away for you here in Harbor Beach but I just installed an Akra Ti today. I love it. Nice growl but not too loud.
  9. Littlebriar

    Help! Where's this bolt go.

    When I take things apart I always put the loose screws and such in individual glad bags. The screws that attach the battery are the same that attach the fuel tank so I was looking around the battery case. Got my bags screwed up.
  10. Littlebriar

    Help! Where's this bolt go.

    Found it! Under the tank, attaching a brake hose block. Thanks DewMan for the effort. Now I can go riding and check out this new RapidBike module.
  11. Can't find where this bolt goes. It's 40mm long with round allen head. I am installing a rapidbike controller so I've had the tank off, the battery out, all the body panels. I believe it was in the glad bag where I put the bracket above the battery. Embarrassing...
  12. Littlebriar

    Hearing protection

    Amazon has the whole line available and cheaper than from main site. I just bought a pair of the pro which has both tour and race plugs.

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