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  1. Red_ak_ranger

    Gevo's FZ 07 Thread

    wow that's a frustrating video. I don't mind turning sharp (kind of the point of the MSF course I took I guess) so I'd rather control their speed and make them come to a halt instead of having any opportunity to get around me. This happened in my lifted jeep the other day. Someone was tailgating me so I very slowly took a right turn just to annoy them and make them come to a near sotp. Difference of course being my jeep is bullet proof. my bike isn't at all.
  2. I’m a pretty shet shifting newbie so far and I’ve noticed as a get more comfortable with shifting at higher RPMs it becomes smoother and quicker for me.
  3. Red_ak_ranger

    78000 miles and running strong

    I actually tried to guess California gas prices without googling so I assumed $3/gal ($.79/liter) but here in Texas it gets as low as $2.20/gal($.58/liter) At the moment gas is pretty expensive (for us) cause of summer
  4. Red_ak_ranger

    78000 miles and running strong

    That’s about $4,500 dollars of gas at 50ish mpg. While my lifted jeep would be $15,500 for the same haha
  5. Just got the yoshi exhaust thrown on the evening after returning from a work day trip to Houston. Should have my dmp tail tidy arriving tomorrowiah which I’m dying to throw on. I am NOT looking forward to proton 500 signals as well as tail light. I don’t love wiring to be honest.
  6. Red_ak_ranger

    New MT07 owner from FL.

    Looks great! Welcome man
  7. Picked up the bike Saturday afternoon from A dealer about 20 miles north of my home. Practiced for about 4 miles on the side roads and the bike is super easy to get comfortable on. Then finally decided to brave I-35 towards Austin. When I got on the highway I shot up to 75 and was surprised to learn that apparently the wind will be trying to rip me off the bike. Still was fun. woke up early and practiced riding/shifting/braking for an hour. Working on getting all these things to be second nature because it can be a bitch to downshift while signaling right and checking for car behind you then remembering to turn off be blinker. But I did get up to 70ish and the wind didn’t feel as bad so maybe ill get used to it. anyways, feels good
  8. Quote attached. 31 with clean record except 2012 dui and the policy has big limits which makes me feel comfortable. Attached
  9. Red_ak_ranger

    Newbie from Atlanta, GA

    looks great. where did you purchase mirrors? Do they work well for ya?
  10. Red_ak_ranger

    FZ-07 pricing thread

    Big thanks to the above for saving me $500 and a 2 hour drive on purchasing an FZ-07. Will be able to pay and pickup much sooner. Forum has already saved me money!..just kidding - all the mod suggestions are costing as well.
  11. Thanks guys - i wrote down the list, a lot of which seems performance based (which is good). Those LED tail light bulbs look really bright but I bought a tail tidy and also plan on replacing the rear tails with something "smaller". Also I like the cyclops LED headlight and well.. wish there was a forum deal or something for members because the price is deff up there. The shipping, for the moment, turned me off from purchasing. Going to see if there's any youtube videos of them in action.
  12. Red_ak_ranger


    N Austin - 45/35 area. Just bought an FZ-07 to commute to work in Georgetown as well as ride for fun
  13. I'm a newbie mostly (some dirt bike experience) so I won't mess with the bike handling for a while. Just from personal experience (modified stand up jet skis) I know I should enjoy the stock bike until I feel the suspension is limiting me in my fun. I have heard the ECU isn't REQUIRED - just recommended? Am I correct on this? Both good things to do but I am trying to knock out all the aesthetics first
  14. Aloha everyone, I am purchasing a 2017 FZ-07 - need to pick it up from a dealership right above San Antonio and drive it back to Austin but unfortunately this is my GF's busy month at work and I can't get a ride lol. So anyways, it has left me with the opportunity to buy all the mods I need and get them to my door waiting for my new bike What I have purchased so far (or am going to purchase very soon): Yoshimura full exhaust TST industries rear tail light DMP Fender Eliminator kit (not purchased yet) cheapo radiator grille cheapo metal wind screen Proton 500 turn signals (not purchased yet) (1) ebay turn signal relay recommended on this site (is 1 enough for everything?) Tank pads - (not purchased yet) Would anyone be willing to recommend other important mods OR brands? I am not sure what to do about rear turn signals (and the proton brand is way too expensive for rear) and not sure about how many relays I need. I need to figure out headlight bulbs as well. Thank you guys. I will post pics of my bike when I have it back in my garage

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