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  1. Small update: The 2009-2012 cbr600rr shock is different from the 2005-2006 unit. The newer black spring has a very slightly smaller I.D. and won't fit the older Showa shock. So I'm stuck with the yellow spring, for now. Factory bumpers are not available from my experience so far. Race Tech does offer a few options for bumpers for other shocks but I haven't found a perfect match yet. 14mm shaft, 29mm height and 48mm width. Race Tech does seem to have most of the parts available for a rebuild, they're customer service is really good.
  2. Spring compressors are from Amazon for about $30 and they worked pretty well. Not sure how durable they'll be but good so far. Spring compressors
  3. Thanks pattonme. I'll check it out! Just curious, has anyone tried the cbr600rr remote reservoir shock? eBay 2009 remote reservoir shock The lower mount needs to be changed to a clevis style but it's basically what I'm trying to do with the 2005 cbr600rr shock I have now.
  4. 2003 shock has a cracked bump stop bushing. I've searched the web and haven't found a replacement yet. I hope I can swap out the bump stop from the other shock, but I finding some slight differences. No " Showa" sticker and the body is mostly cast.
  5. Working on the rest of the shock now. More pics to come.
  6. Update! I ended up keeping the 2009-2012 shock as well as the last shock I picked up from eBay, 2005-06. The newer shock uses a different bottom mount than the clevis style mounts that we need. Maybe I can swap them and use the newer shock, we'll see. Using the spring compressors I purchased from Amazon, it wasn't too bad.
  7. I've still got to figure out a way to get the springs off without losing a finger lol. Might need to bite the bullet and get some motorcycle specific spring compressors...
  8. I'll try to swap them and report back.
  9. Got my 2nd cbr600rr shock in the mail today. 1st one I ordered was a '09-'12 and the lower mount ended up being and eyelet instead of a fork like our own shocks come. I like the looks of the newer shock since the spring is black instead yellow, oh well. Anyways, the '05-'06 shock looks good and I started calling a few of the fab shops in San Diego to inquire about welding up the shock and reservoir. $21 off eBay and I'm on my way lol. Are these shocks steel or aluminum?
  10. After a little research I did find this page with some good disassembly instruction and pics. CBR600rr shock disassembly
  11. Awesome project! I've already started by picking up a cbr600rr shock, should be here Monday. I was curious if you have any advice for breaking down the shock? It also looks like you added the nitrogen fill port to the reservoir. Is that a simple tap, and screw in the air valve? Thanks for your help and great pics!
  12. Bluntlunchbox


    Haha will do. I find it comical how many times I think of the phrase "buy once, cry once." Well this will be kind of an experiment since the bulb I saw on Jake the Snake's YouTube video isn't available in Amazon anymore. 7k Lumen sure sounds good!
  13. Bluntlunchbox


    Installation was a breeze. The bulb fit with the dust seal and everything plugged in just fine. The light output seems better than stock and the white color is great too. I'm happy but will continue to ride and provide additional feedback along the way. I commute to work in the early morning and can see objects in the road quite easily. The street signs seem to "pop" a little more too, so I'll check the aim as well. All in all I'm satisfied.
  14. Bluntlunchbox


    Thanks for the heads up! I hope they arrive today and should have them up and running this weekend. Keep you posted

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