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  1. Wintersdark

    Is my chain too tight

    You're measuring it wrong. As per the owners manual, you should be measuring from the bottom of the guard to the center of the chain, while you're applying downward pressure to the chain. So, ignoring the fact that you're not pushing down on the chain here, you'd be reading 1 13/16" or ~1.81" not 2.1" - center of the chain, not the bottom.
  2. Wintersdark

    Fz07 stock seat from and rear

    Figured I'd pop in and ask: How did the comfort seat work out?
  3. Well, yeah, there was definitely something wrong electrically there. I spent a fair bit of time looking for it, but eventually gave up. On a 35 year old bike with many layers of different owners doing random hackjobs on the electrical system, well... Itust wasn't as much of a priority as it didn't stop normal operation of the bike, and with a ride that old (and sporting 80,000 miles) there's always things that need attention that DO impact day to day operation.
  4. hah with previous bikes, I never touched the kill switch, ever. However, my XJ (previous bike) had a hinky electrical system that required both the ignition AND kill switch to be turned off in order to shut down the bike - either on it's own, and it'd keep running. So i got into the habit of thumbing the kill switch. This is made worse because the kill switch is also the start switch, so you can just turn the ignition on, then hit start.... and lo, no fuel pump priming. Ah well, live and learn
  5. Wintersdark

    Riding emotions

    It's funny. Coming from an old XJ750 I4, the sound difference here is both wonderful and strange. My XJ sounded ok at lower RPM's (mostly because my exhaust system was utterly shot and may as well have been straight pipes), and yeah, it sounded fantastic when you were really hauling on it... But I really, really love the throaty growl the MT07 has. Even with the (startlingly quiet) stock pipes, it's got such a wildly different sound and the low-rpm sound is fantastic. Except I keep getting this anxiety that I'm lugging the engine when it's at like 3000rpm =/ It's been a long time since I rode a twin.
  6. Wintersdark

    Riding emotions

    When I was young, I was all about Skills and Speed. Now I just ride. I'm not interested in developing skills anymore - experienced enough, good enough for the riding I do. I still zoom, but my zooming is more limited: hard pulls out from merge lanes onto highways, the occassionally stink of speeding. But ultimately riding for me is incredibly joy filled whether I'm just cruising to work or seeing just how fast my bike can accelerate. I'm uninterested in how I look to others, how good a rider I am, or what I'm accomplishing/learning/demonstrating/whatever. I just want to ride.
  7. Mine - still very new, 350kms - has a very definite amount of rattle. To the point I took it back to the dealer, had the service manager give it a ride, as it's constant, clearly audible (with stock surprisingly quiet) exhaust even at highway speed. It's speed related, not RPM (disengaging the clutch doesn't affect the sound in any way) ... loudest to the left of the bike, really noticeable when riding beside a barrier or some such to reflect the sound. My chain was really loose when I got the bike (62mm slack IIRC), but I adjusted it to 51mm (minimum clearance as per manual) and it didn't particularly affect the noise. Normally, I go more towards the looser end of the allotted range, but I figure the chain's going to stretch a fair bit as it's brand new. I've oiled it twice in those 350kms (80w90 gear oil) but that doesn't affect the noise at all. I don't have a stand (yet; it's being shipped - all my previous bikes have had centerstands so I never needed one before) so it's really hard to check alignment but the bike tracks perfectly straight. Once I get the stand, I'm going to pull off the guards and look carefully at sprocket to sprocket alignment. It's tough for me to really judge, though, because I've been riding shaft drive bikes for a very long time, so I don't really remember exactly what's normal for chain noise. Service manager at the dealership says it's normal, and should decrease after everything breaks in, blames it on the fairly small front sprocket. But damn, it's a lot of rattle.
  8. Huh. I looked at it when I got the bike, but didn't compare with the manual. It is overfilled - up to the top of the sight glass with a small air bubble, which is where it should be on my old Yamaha however according to the MT07 manual is overfilled - should be between the lines on the sight glass, unless I've failed utterly at reading comprehension. This makes me even more irritated with the dealership I bought it from. Checked chain slack a couple days after getting it home, as it looked loose: 64mm, should be 51-56. Manual even warned that 58+ can cause damage. *sighs*
  9. Nah, just the 91 octane the dealership recommended. I'm not a "high octane = better gas" guy, just use what the book says for a given application.
  10. Wintersdark

    New MT07 Owner

    yeeeeeeah, I've heard of people doing that, and that you can get more initial power, but I put a LOT of miles on my bikes and longevity is important to me, so I figure I'll just do what the manufacturer recommends.
  11. Confirmed, I'm an idiot. Kill switch on first, THEN ignition, starts immediately.
  12. Yet, shut off and start again is instant. But I think it's operator error - I've never had an EFI bike so I didn't even think of it, but if the fuel pump primes when the ignition switch is turned on, it may not be priming because the kill switch is still off.
  13. Oh! Haven't had a chance to test, but thinking on it at work: I've been shutting it off via the kill switch, then turning the ignition on and thumbing through to start via the kill switch. I bet I'm not letting the fuel pump prime - I've certainly not heard it.
  14. Just wanted to check with you guys first, as this is my first brand new bike. My MT07 (owned one day) is kind of hard to start when cold. Starts immediately when warm, but if it's sat for a couple hours it requires several seconds of cranking to fire. Sort of like it doesn't spark at all initially - no stumbling start, just cranking like there's either no spark or no fuel, until it starts. No backfiring or roughness once it catches, so i dont think its lack of initial spark. Runs fine once going. Just wanted to check and see if this was normal (break in period?), before stopping in at the shop and poking them. Mostly because that's a tremendous hassle, and I just want to ride.
  15. Wintersdark

    New MT07 Owner

    Woohoo! God, the break in period is going to be a nightmare! It so wants to *go*, particularly as you're hitting 5k rpm.

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