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  1. 208MT07

    Video: Review of my MT-07

    Yeah I thought about that... but figured I'd do a walk around in a couple months when I have my appearance stuff done.
  2. I always just fill it till the nozzle shuts itself off and call it a day lol. Too many problems with my old bike that didnt have a filler setup that allowed that to happen and having gas come back out the cap while I'm riding lol.
  3. 208MT07


    Hey look, the guy solely responsible for getting me convinced to buy an FZ/MT-07 lol. Hi Jake!
  4. Made a video for a review I did on my bike. I refer to it as a short review but did not really keep it short lol. First actual motovlog I've ever done so it's not perfect but figured I'd talk about what I do and don't like. Cue the corny intro... lol.
  5. 208MT07

    2018 MT-07

    Frame/engine are the same. Exhaust for any model year will fit.
  6. I cant tell you what mods you would like on the bike, however I currently have an Akra Ti, 2WDW flash tune, and fender eliminator on my 18 MT07. As far as washing the matte paint scheme goes, I've really ever only rinsed mine off with a pressure washer and dried it with microfiber towels and that seems to keep it pretty clean. The front wheel is pretty easy to clean and keep clean, but the rear can be a pain due to the chain flinging stuff on there. I've had good luck just spraying a little Dupont chain saver on a microfiber towel and wiping the crud off about every week or so when I wash the bike.
  7. Before you spend money on the Akra, just know that with the dB killer in there is barely a noticable difference in sound, if that matters to you. But at sea level, I think anything like a pipe or filter will require a tune as the bike will probably be running super lean.
  8. Yeah, Cycle Gear. I've bought my helmet, jacket, and both sets of gloves from there. Nice and convenient when it's less than a 10 minute drive from me.
  9. My dark smoke shield for my helmet was starting to peel at the bottom after almost 2 years of use, so decided to give the iridescent one a try.
  10. So far, just my 100mph run on a small section of freeway leaving downtown on my way home from church this morning... first time hitting triple digits on a bike. Bike was actually more stable than I expected at that speed, granted I only held it for a couple seconds. Figured with no traffic I might as well give it a shot lol.
  11. Saw the first and third jumps live and the replay of the second. So awesome.
  12. Bought last weekend but haven't been on here for a bit. Picked up some new gloves, old ones were trashed.
  13. Hey Jeanne! Lol. I really need to get more pics of the MT.
  14. 208MT07

    MT-07 windscreen size

    I wonder if a pre-2017 FZ/MT09 windscreen would work? Same headlight...

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