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  1. problems been fixed now it was the clutch having too much play in it, runs like it should now thank you everyone.
  2. no right i understand that part, but what i'm referring to is the part where you're saying my clutch is burnt up which is not the case.
  3. i've been using the same Castrol Power 1 v-twin SAE 20W-50 full synth oil since i bought it with 886 miles. again this problem never occured until after i did all the things. you could be right about some sort of binding though dude to paint..
  4. just saying that this problem didn't happen before i took the clutch and brake off, and before i replaced the filter. so there for I highly doubt the clutch is bad.
  5. also i've barely ridden but 10 miles with the bike like this.. so i'll look into the adjustment.
  6. bike barely has 5,000 miles on it i can hardly see it being a burnt up clutch considering i can get in out and gear just fine and it shifts smooth.
  7. it is still installed. i have a video on my phone right now of it, let me upload it to youtube and get the link sent out.
  8. here is how the stock filter sits, if you see i cut out the snorkel because i stripped one of the side bolts that connect the gas tank and this was my only way of getting the thing out. the DNA filter sits in there exactly the same with the cover on top. i have tried it without the cover as well and yielded the same results. i'll try and make a video on it, it has to be fuel issues maybe somehow it's running too lean or too rich to when i get on the throttle it gets choppy but i haven't done anything to this bike except for the filter and a slip on, but I've been running the slip on for over a year now. While i was waiting on the DNA filter to come in i took off the brake/clutch lever to paint them but i couldn't think I caused an issue with that. It's been through 3 tanks of gas now since the winter so it can't be an issue there. always run premium 90 grade+ no wiring/electronic jobs done.
  9. well just put the stock one back on and same issue.
  10. and to actually further add to this scenario it's much deeper in the RPM range i'm experiencing this problem. more around 7-8k and not the 4k as before.
  11. the snorkel isn't attached to the filter so no i didn't drop it in there. I'm about to put the stock one back on and see if there's a difference.
  12. yes it's screwed down guess i should have specified lol.

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