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  1. Cranapplescott

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    I currently am running a Akra Ti with the 2wdw tune, I am just thinking about the hord box now. I have been talking to them and they sent me a graph for the Akra Carbon + box and I just wanted to compare it to the graph without the box. According to the graph they sent me (Akra Carbon + Hord box) it only makes 71hp and 49 torque, just seemed a little low against the results Hord is advertising.
  2. Cranapplescott

    K-Tech Razor-R Lite or something else?

    Any progress on getting a review written?
  3. Cranapplescott

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    A lot of the charts are not displaying, it’s saying you need to update your photobucket account to allow for 3rd party hosting
  4. Cranapplescott

    Help Me Choose a new Exhaust.

    I spent the extra $$$ for the Akra Ti..... low sided through an intersection and it came out perfectly fine. Not even a scratch. I run baffle out and its loud as sh!t, but that's nothing a pair of ear plugs cant fix. I can still hear the music playing through my SENA unit incase that's any concern of yours.
  5. Cranapplescott

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    Reporting in from Sumter, SC
  6. Cranapplescott

    Possible R1 rider converted???

    Also 6' and 225 lbs, I fit fine. I'm not an 'old fu*ker' like you (27) so I wish it had a little more forward lean so its easier to tuck when I'm playing around with my buddies on supersports or flying through the curves. As far as day to day riding I can't complain at all about the uprighted-ness, surprisingly comfy. I added a windscreen to help protect from getting blown around from having a longer torso. I just orders the JBH front forks kit from @bellissimoto and a Ktech razor lite shock to adjust for my weight. The FZ is my first bike so I think I get why people complain about the suspension, but we will see after the installation of the upgrades.
  7. Cranapplescott


    I run that same set up, same year bike, but I'm more 6'0" and 220 lbs and get around the same mileage before the light starts blinking. I do ride 'spirited' every chance I get though. Maybe there is some consistency?
  8. Cranapplescott

    TST LED flasher relay?

    This guy for $4.95? https://www.motodynamic.com/yamaha-resistor-bypass-harness-for-any-motodynamic-sequential-led-tail-light.html I cant see the resistors getting incredibly hot while sitting at a red light..... but for $5 it might be worth it just to tidy up the storage compartment.
  9. Cranapplescott

    TST LED flasher relay?

    That's the set up I have, the Protons and Motodynamic with the rear resistors. Glad to know the relays fix the hyper flash.
  10. I recently put on flush mounted front turn signals to go with the integrated rear set up I have. The rear came with the resistors to prevent hyper flash and all was good, but then the fronts didn't come with any and now the hyper flash has made an appearance. I was looking for an alternative to splicing in resistors for the front and found TST industries that makes a replacement relay that supposedly controls the flash rate. (even is adjustable to tinker with something else) The link to what I found is: https://tstindustries.com/TST-LED-Flasher-Relay-Gen2.html I was just looking for some peoples opinions or other ideas.

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