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  1. Benh972

    New Rider hit By Drunk Driver

    He fled! Wow, what a p.o.s
  2. Benh972

    Fixing Crashed Bike

    Thanks man, that means a lot even though geography will not allow it. I am a bit depressed about the situation, but I feel like I love the bike even more since we kinda shared this experience. I am one of those people who has to name his bikes. I was wondering what I was gonna name this one, but I think she will be Phoenix. One way or another she will rise again.
  3. Benh972

    New Rider hit By Drunk Driver

    Wow, glad that did not go worse. A friend's Dad got hit by a drunk driver while he was on his Harley. He lost a leg, he got paid enough he bought used cars for each of his 4 children, but I am sure he would rather have his limb.
  4. Yes, I had on a helmet, gloves, mesh armored jacket, and riding boots. My left boot took some nasty damage for me. The weak point was I was wearing normal Lee jeans, but they did not even hardly rip. The abrasions are nothing, I've done far worse on a bicycle in my youth. The impact hit is what hurt. Some knee pads would have helped.
  5. Benh972

    Fixing Crashed Bike

    I am in DFW area of North Texas.
  6. Thanks man. Yeah order the engine guard for sure. I've seen pics of other FZ 07s with scratches on the engines. Mine is ground down. I have frame sliders, that I had not installed yet. The engine guards would have been a better purchase though.
  7. So one month in, I crashed my brand new bike. Can't believe I am "that guy". So, I have insurance, but this might not be the best first impression on my new insurance company. So I am hoping maybe I can do some repairs myself. Then have a pro check her over and make sure I didn't miss anything out of pocket. The damage is to the back of the bike and on the left side. The left side crank case is toast. I was looking at the service manual and it talks about pulling the engine and turning it upside down to disassemble and resemble the crank case. I do not have the tooling to tackle a job like that. Anyone have any experience with repairs like this? Here is my post with some pictures. Worst comes to worst I will bite the bullet and let insurance take care of it.
  8. Hah! what's hilarious is I am all worried about the warranty and what have you, and then I wrecked hours after I posted this message. We both live, shes got 175 miles on her now, the rear fender is fubar, gear shifter is a bit bent, kickstand and the rear axle nut thing are rashed, left side engine cover is ground down on one of the protrusions enough that she is leaking oil. Rear plastic has a crack, tail light cover is busted. Really though she still looks pretty good! Oh well, now its MY bike for reals lol. I skinned up my left knee a bit, and got a knot on my knee that hurts, but it will get better. She actually went down twice, after the wreck I picked her up and I was trying to start her, but I passed out and dropped her again. I remember trying to see if she would start, the next thing I know I am waking up and thinking I dreamed I wrecked my bike. Then I realize I am in the street and there she is down on the ground. Police and an ambulance showed up, the paramedics think I passed out because of my mental shock, and because I had not eaten for over 8 hours. I also had been moving heavy furniture shortly before the wreck, and I was not staying hydrated.
  9. So my first brand spanking new motorcycle is a 2017 FZ 07. I bought the bike on 3/29/18 and took delivery two days later on the 31st. I have NO REGRETS! but I probably could have done somethings better. I bought the bike while I was in the middle of moving from one house to another. That whole process was more time consuming and drug on a lot longer than expected. So, I have not been able to put the miles on her yet. As of right now I have 150 miles on the odometer. I called my dealership on May 3rd and asked about having the break in service done. He did not want to do it because I only had around 100 miles on the clock at that point, he said I should have at least 300 miles before the break in service. The service manual gives the interval as 600 miles or 1 month. He said they go by miles only and my warranty will be ok. I just wanted to bounce this off some other owners and make sure I was not fed a line, since I prepaid for the maintenance he does not have the incentive to have me come in. Either way I am changing the oil tomorrow, myself to clean out the metal shavings. I have been braking the engine in semi hard. Early on, I just wish I had been harder on the engine braking. My last bike had a slipper clutch, and I have been feeling out getting used to this bike. She behaves most of the time, but shes a beast when you ask right!
  10. Texas Red 2017 #13151 Added
  11. I saw the rider's post on Reddit. He said he got by with some cuts and bruises. This vid is especially spooky to me, because it happend in my neck of the woods.
  12. Benh972

    New FZ 07 in DFW

    She is home tucked safely in the Garage for now. We are at 20 miles on the odometer. I will post some pictures later, my garage is kinda a mess at the moment. We are in the process of moving. You are so right Beemer, this baby has some torque! They gave me a full tank Rick lol.
  13. Hello everyone. I bought my first brand new motorcycle on Thursday, a red 2017 FZ 07! This is my third bike. My first two bikes were used. The first was a 2012 CBR250R and my second was a 2013 Ninja 300. I was only going to look when I went to the dealership, so I did not have a way to get her home. My wife is taking me and my riding gear to pick her up today! Here is a pic of her virgin odometer. She has 4.9 miles on her now.

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