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  1. Hellbound

    Tank Mount?

    Someone makes a phone mount that will mount on the gas tank ring. Not sure what site has it.
  2. Corbin seat came in today. Installed it after loosing the latch bracket some. I like the look of a two part seat better on the bike but feels so much better on the old bum. Well worth the money
  3. Ordered a corbin seat after riding into work tonight. Man the bike needs a bath. less then 400 miles till the 4000 mile oil change
  4. Like the title says. What grease do you use for lubing your cables and greasing your moving parts. Ready Set Go..........
  5. Hellbound

    New 7 in VA

    Been riding the bike to work for the past couple of weeks 20 miles each way around 70 average with a short windscreen. Don't think its too bad for highway. I would take back roads over the highway if i had a choice.
  6. Hellbound

    What's your hot weather jacket?

    After a bunch of reviews i went with the REV'IT! GT-R Air 2 Jacket. Been riding in 90+ heat this last week and its comfortable when moving around and isn't too hot standing around at a light change
  7. Hellbound

    Hey all! New Michigan MT 07 owner!!

    Welcome- Live is South Carolina, Home towns just 20 min south. Lots of good roads to ride and get lost on.
  8. Hellbound

    Is my chain too tight

    Prob will be fine for a little bit as it just at the max of the chain slack amount. Just keep a close eye on it. I noticed on mine when i first got it I would get a buzzing feeling from the foot pegs when the chain was loose. It took me close to 600 miles before the chain more or less settled into not stretching large amounts.
  9. What locks the adjuster in place. Stock has a double nut on the end. Interesting look
  10. Hellbound

    Is my chain too tight

    Yes its to tight
  11. One more view
  12. View of the pipes from the side

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