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  1. Ohlins fork cartridges and ohlins shock spiegler brake lines, HH pads and speed bleeders asv shorty levers arrow exhaust and ecu flash tst stalk front signals, tail tidy, integrated tail light and relay renthal ultra lows *Okay technically not all today but over the last two weeks
  2. I ordered a set of Woodcraft bar end sliders and the weren't even close to fitting. They fit in the track bike fine so that's where they went, now back to the drawing board for bar end sliders for the FZ07. And two give another answer to "Do they work question?" Yes, the track bike has been down several times and no damage to the bars.

    FZ07 vs FZ09 vs FZ10

    I owned an FZ09 for two years and 12K miles, sold it and bought the FZ10 when it came out and currently have 8K miles on it, and about 3 weeks ago I bought one of my riding buddies' used FZ07. I can agree with the majority of that video, although I didn't think the FZ09 was all that violent of a bike it just took a little more throttle control in first gear, but other than that it wasn't bad. The FZ10 does make a great SPORT touring bike with the exception of the terrible fuel range. I took it on a 2000 mile trip last summer for the FZ1 forum board rally and it handled well. My biggest gripe is the fuel cut off at closed throttle, especially in B mode, which is the most aggressive mode (I think that's right I don't know why Yamaha changed that from FZ09 to FZ10). I have a hard time picking a favorite between the FZ10 and FZ07. I think for most of my riding I would favor the FZ07, but it's hard to beat cruise control and that extra power on the open road.
  4. Nothing like forum board members to help you spend your money.
  5. Okay, so I looked through the first 12 pages and didn't really find what I was looking for even though I thought I had found a thread on it before. Well like a lot of people I wasn't happy with the stock bars riding position, it was fine while cruising, but once things get spirited I felt like the bars were getting in my way, so I followed advice I had found here and bought a set of Renthal street ultra lows and mounted them up last night. I will say the name is a bit deceptive as I was expecting something a bit more aggressive, not quite clip-ons but something in between. They aren't, so anyone reading this concerned about the name "ultra lows" thinking they will be extremely low, don't. I'm not fully back together yet and with all this dang rain I haven't had a chance to ride with them yet, but just sitting on the bike and making motorcycle noises, they are a lot better feeling than the stock bars. My hands are maybe 1-2 inches further forward and maybe an inch lower. I hung off the bike imitating a corner and I didn't feel like I was going to chip a tooth on the bar end so I'd say they will be an improvement over the stockers. Now to my questions. I had bar end sliders mounted that are now obsolete as they won't remount. I have about an extra inch of bar end sticking out from the throttle tube and grip that I can either cut off or maybe mount bar end mirrors. Okay this is getting really long winded so I'll just get to it. I'm thinking about mounting hand guards to act as sliders and then maybe adding bar end mirrors instead of cutting off the bar ends. Will bar end mirrors mount straight to the 7/8" bars, and do you think that the hand guards and bar end mirrors will look to busy, and more importantly get in the way of moving my hands around? Does anyone have a similar set up and have pictures? Hopefully that is clear enough. Thanks.
  6. Me personally, I would never buy the first model year of most bikes, but especially KTM. Give them two or three model years to work out all the bugs. I say that having now owned the first model year of the FZ07, FZ09, and FZ10. I'm such a hypocrite.

    Duck flambé

    Looks like he over filled his turn signal fluid and boom. Not to worry though a little Honda polish and elbow grease and that oughta buff right out.

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    I've got a pipe intake and fuel controller on mine and 0-50 is plenty peppy after that it's pretty flat up to 67 where it tops out. I'm 215lbs though the guys I ride with have similar setups but are much lighter and they pull away from me no problem. I would agree if it was 15hp and a tad more torque to go along with it, it would be that much better. I'm waiting for Yamaha to cash in on the small bike resurgence and if they are reading this take note give it a touch more hp for us full figured gals.

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    Agreed I wouldn't want my Z125 to be my only bike, but the problem with big bike fun is it requires big bike attention. I love my big bikes and the fun and thrill they provide, but they come with big bike consequences so even though it's a stress reliever to ride it still requires full mental engagement, you better be mentally engaged and on point when you play. However, with the Z it's just fun without that same level of mental engagement. I can just relax and cut loose and like I said just kind of be a kid again. I fall off of it all the time, usually in the grass, but you just laugh and get back on. That's not to say on the road around other cars you don't have to be aware or that there isn't consequences, but just like when you were a kid you don't play in traffic. We ride to secluded areas and then play or just go find an empty ball diamond and play mini bike baseball. Sliding into home has never been so much fun.

    Sport vs standard motorcycles

    That comment deserves a gold star or something.

    Oh Dear God, Please do not let this happen

    The first thing I said when I saw this is, I want to wheelie it and I bet it does great stoppies. Does that make me a squid. Do I want to test ride it? Hell yes. Would I buy one? Probably not, but let's see how that test ride goes. Why make up your mind before you try it? Guacamole looks terrible but I love it. Gravy looks like brown snot but that shits tasty. Vagina looks weird as hell, but that stuff is terrific. Y'all need to quit being so dang closed minded.

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    We may have been separated at birth. I ve said the same thing so many times I can't even count them. I'm not meaning to condemn anyone or be a dick, but if you can't understand the appeal of these bikes you're dead inside, they are a flat out hoot. Makes me feel 12 years old again riding my mini bike around terrorizing the neighborhood. Bike paths become race tracks, throw on leathers throw down cones and so does an empty parking lot. I've been so many crazy places on my z125 Including a motocross track it just cracks me up. I spent so much time on it last year that I sold my motard (husky 501). Although I also race mini motos CRF100 in a local league. Nothing has made me a better rider than going back to small bikes and spending time on a track. I say buy one, ride the piss out of it, and embrace the crazy. You'll be more sane because of it.
  13. I agree, I really wanted the smoke to go with the graphite of my bike, but the fear of taking it in the rear had me go with the clear. It looks good and I'm perfectly content.
  14. What the hell is a tyre?
  15. Just installed the clear last night as well as the stalk turn signals and relay. I like the tail light give it an 8 out of 10. I subtract a point for not providing any instructions whatsoever. I find that irritating, even if it's just some pictures and a quick write up. Yes I know they have online videos but some people don't have internet and trying to watch on a phone is a serious pain in the ass. Plus the video goes at a quick pace not my pace. Diagrams and detailed instructions would be nice. I subtract a point because it just doesn't have that quality rizoma feel. Although it also doesn't have that quality rizoma price either so that isn't completely fair.

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