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  1. Ryedadee

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

    Go here http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/maplookup/powercommander_map_lookup.aspx?mk=28&mdl=682&yr=2926
  2. Ryedadee

    Two Brothers Exhaust - Header Fitment Issue

    Use the force brother My Yoshimura was off by a bit more then yours is and the shop told me it was typical. I was in the same boat. Every header I've ever installed on a car just slid right on. My Yosh was off in the other direction and had to be pulled apart. I put one side in just enough so I can give it a good pull while pushing in and once I got it in it was a snug fit. Careful you don't knock the bike over while pushing it and pulling on the header. Sounds like you might try ratchet strapping so you should be good. Good luck
  3. Ryedadee

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

    Finally flashed the ECU after installing the exhaust. Very impressed with the flash tune kit. This def woke the bike up. Without really trying as I came out of a minor twisty she was at 130km (80 mph) in third gear. I'm not trying to show off or act like I'm fast but I take that bend almost every time I leave my place and never felt it pull like that.
  4. Ryedadee

    Yoshimura exhaust installed :)

    Ah my bad Beemer Cheers
  5. Ryedadee

    Yoshimura exhaust installed :)

    Get the one you think looks and sounds better. If it's the yosh and let's say it loses a bit of torque in the lower range, whatever loses it would of had will be more then made up for in the upper range as I think the shorter exhaust would be better at WOT. I chill most of the time when riding and shift between 4-7k RPM and I haven't noticed a lose in torque and I haven't remapped it yet. I'm about to do that now though
  6. Ryedadee

    Yoshimura exhaust installed :)

    ECU flash and modding the intake will help any bike. IMO getting rid of the stock exhaust will give you a little bump in horse power along with the flash/intake but it's mainly for looks and sound. I don't think you would be able to notice a difference in power between after market exhaust systems. The difference in torque and HP would be too little.
  7. Besides almost tipping the bike over while laying underneath it, the install couldn't be easier. I was able to loosen all the nuts and bolts with my 1/4" ratchet. The primaries on the Yosh header were about 1/4" off compared to the stock. Pushing/pulling to get in place is what almost caused the bike to almost tip(yes i need stands or even better a lift). Pics don't do this exhaust justice. While doing my research I thought the Yoshi exhaust looked a bit out of place when looking at pics online and the same goes when I look at the pics I took. I think because of the width of the muffler it appears to be distant from the bike when being photo'd from the side. I am very happy with the way it looks and when I fired it up for the first time it was pure happiness. Low 3k rpm blips are where I find it growls the meanest and noticed the biggest difference(nice and deep). Rev matching/engine braking is just pure sex/orgasm and straight to a nap. I will probably ride it today and then tune the FTecu and see how she goes. If your on the fence about an exhaust......Do it Do it
  8. Ryedadee

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

  9. Ryedadee

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

    I will go for a ride with out changing the map and then reflash to see how much of a difference the flash makes. The bike will run fine without the flash but to answer your question no I don't have to flash it after the exhaust but the whole tuning game is to get acheive an optimal Air/fuel ratio so any time you add a part it can only help to reflash. No two bikes are identical so a tune on a Dyno is best but through experience these companies have a general idea of what the maps should like with each mod done to a bike and release maps accordingly.
  10. Ryedadee

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

    The engine braking has been reduced I would say at least 50%. You can always reenable it.
  11. Ryedadee

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

    PC 22-065-004
  12. Finally had a chance to take her for a ride since installing the kit and cut the snorkel at the same time. I am very happy with the results. In all my years modding cars I can't recall a mod that ever made this noticeable of a difference. The bike has do much more pep compared to stock. Best part IMO is disabling the fuel cut. It's so nice to down shift now as you roll up to a light. I definitely recommend it. Easy install and easy software to work with. I went with the bike side harness. Exhaust goes on next week and we'll see how much different it feels after that. Cheers
  13. Thanks everyone for the input. I installed an FTecu the other day which lead me to cut the snorkel at the same time. Flashed it with the PC "stock exhaust snorkel removed" file as well as lowered the fan temp and disable fuel cut. I can't say that I can hear any difference in sound but the bike is a lot nicer to ride. Nice to be able to roll up to a light, drop down a gear and feel the bike slow down naturally. Exhaust just arrived so will throw that on see how she goes/sounds then flash with the appropriate file. It's gonna be a good day and a great test to see if the FT makes that much of a difference.
  14. Greetings, I just recently cut the shaft of the snorkel which sits pretty much in the center of the filter. I've since read that people are removing the whole snorkel including the 90 degree portion or even going as far as removing the cover itself and letting the air filter screw hold it in place. If you remove the 90 degree intake portion are there any concerns of water getting in there during rides in the rain or washing the bike? If not then the whole thing must go! haha Thanks

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