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  1. Good Deal!! I'm working in PA today, fly back tonight, load two bikes and gear, head to the track in the morning - I'll be in West 3, or in the tower running race control. Come by if you get a chance..
  2. Yeah, that one got me some metal parts like the REAL racers have - now if I could just get the umbrella girl like they do, I'd be set.
  3. I'm racing it with UtahSBA this season, so yeah - dedicated race bike. Sliders - hopefully I won't have to 'performance test' them any time soon - but I generally go full-meal deal: Sliders, case covers, etc. - they generally pay for themselves the first time I toss it down the track....and I will sooner or later.
  4. Mods so far: R6 front end and wheels, brakes, MC Rearsets and clip-ons (Woodcraft/vortex) Shock and carts, AP moto shock link AP moto bodywork, and sweet airbox Vortex chain conversion (520) - not shown this photo Steering damper (ohlins), shark fin (woodcraft) Powercommander 5 Slipper clutch (sigma), replace brake lines (galfer), Yosh exhaust, LiPo battery.
  5. Initial mock up with controls, front end and some go-fast bits. Note Woodcraft case covers do not play nicely with the AP moto bodywork. You'll need to use these: https://www.gbracing.eu/Yamaha.114/MT-07%2C-XSR700%2C-FZ-07-2014-2018.425/Engine-Protection.426/?osCsid=cblusbe7qcqo3r0fi4787lpso5
  6. There are no instructions I knew of to guide me through the build, so a lot of it was "figure it out as you go". During bodywork fit-up, I discovered that the ECU and VR both needed relocation to get the tank cover to mount. Lots of unneeded relays for hazard and signal lights - you do need to keep the cooling fan relay and the fuel pump relays. I ended up doing something I had not really planned or wanted to do - I ended up chopping the harness to get rid of unneeded wiring so I could make room to cram everything under the tank. It ended up working out fine, but going back to stock wiring may be problematic if I ever decide to do it. Red line is IC wiring, blue was simplified key switch eliminator
  7. Got super busy with other crap and sadly did not make my finish date - but all is not lost, we are now good to go. Some progress shots: R6 Front mocked up, relocate VR.
  8. Day 3 Thanks @DewMan. Like a yoyo diet, take weight off then put it back on. Managed to replace shock and add the uber sweet airbox. Started mounting exhaust, then realized the increase in ride height could result in a possible conflict between the swingarm and the Yosh exhaust mount at lower travel limit, so next task will be to modify the mount to provide clearance. Airbox and shock sourced from Andy Palmer. .
  9. Day 2 @chademinent, I'm not sure whether you were messing with me or you are a Chinese-puzzle type genius. I struggled with that airbox for an hour and a half before I decided to go ahead and pull the throttle bodies. Rearsets, exhaust, airbox gone. Anyone weigh the factory exhaust? I think it's less than the R3 can, but was more than my feeble 10 lb kitchen scale would handle.
  10. That took some energy to launch that RAV4 (3500 lb). The Gods were smiling on that rider (wow!)
  11. Day 1 - Started to strip her down and lose a bit of weight - 33 lbs gone... First snag - airbox removal - looks like I'll need to pull the throttle bodies to make enough room to get it out.
  12. Winter and Work have finally eased up enough to get this beast pulled together. Mr. Procrastination, that's me. Bike's been in the trailer since January and now I have 13 days until it needs to be ready - Yikes!
  13. New member - new FZ sleeping in the trailer, waiting for the snow to melt. Planning a track bike build for the spring.

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