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  1. I agree with that last point. The FZ-07 is light on the front end because there's very little weight on the front wheel from the rider. I don't understand why anyone would want a wider bar because handlebars aren't for steering like a car; you turn by pressing down on the side you want to turn towards. You don't need any more width than the forks and clip-on really, something like 24 inches.
  2. I see you had to ditch the stock turn signals, mirrors and the instrument bracket, yes?
  3. Do you have any pix of the Ace bars on your bike? That's what I'm thinking of doing as a cheaper alternative to the Woodcraft unit.
  4. fhilliard41


    I've ordered a set of Ace bars from AlphaMoto on Amazon which I plan to shorten two inches on each side. That should give me a total width of 23 1/2 inches, much closer to actual clip-ons in width but not as low. Judging from the pictures of Ace bars on a BSA A65 Clubman, the height should be exactly even with the stock Yamaha clamps. This should have the advantage of pulling my arms in and leaning me forward, putting more weight on the front wheel. All to the good. I'll post a picture when I get it installed.
  5. fhilliard41

    Okanagan FZ-07 Owners?

    GD, I'll say. At one point Wednesday the bush was burning on one side of the road and a helicopter was bucketing out of the stream on the other. It was like a movie.
  6. fhilliard41

    Okanagan FZ-07 Owners?

    Are there any other FZ-07 owners out there in the Okanagan valley? Well, of course there are; I'd just like to meet up and have a group ride. I'd also like to talk to anyone who has switched to Woodcraft clip-ons or Renthal ultra low bars.The pic was taken at the top of Kootenay Pass last week. You can see the MRA windscreen, an LSL slider, a T-Bag and a Corbin seat. I also have Grab-On grips over the stock ones. The bag is being held on by the passenger backrest (and nothing else!).
  7. fhilliard41

    Seat Concepts won't do it

    Corbin has come through with a rework that has completely solved my issue. The slope of the rider portion of the seat is now nearly flat and the passenger portion has been lowered. In addition, Corbin recovered the whole thing with leather, fixing another problem. This was all covered, at no cost to me, under their warranty. Great job!
  8. fhilliard41

    Seat Concepts won't do it

    I hear you, but I don't agree. The slope in the seat is a physical fact which you can measure with a ruler. Personal preference has nothing to do with it. This is an engineering error, plain and simple.
  9. fhilliard41

    Seat Concepts won't do it

    Hi DewMan, The problem is the slope just above the Corbin logo, not the rise to the passenger area. This slope puts your weight on the family jewels rather than your butt. I was really surprised because Corbin built its reputation on fixing sloping Japanese seats. Why Japanese seats slope is another interesting question. I think the reason is that they're trying to keep the front wheel on the ground to avoid liability cases.
  10. fhilliard41

    Seat Concepts won't do it

    Check the pic; see a problem? I've asked Corbin to re-conture the seat to take out the slope at the rear. They have an excellent warranty and have agreed to do this.
  11. Those neat aluminum grab handles from China will fit with the stock seat and a Seat Concepts seat, but not with a Corbin. The problem is that the complex front stamping is about 3/8" too short to let the front end of the handle clear the seat. I've taken the two of them to a metal shop to have the tangs extended by half an inch. I'll post some pics if this works.
  12. fhilliard41

    Seat Concepts won't do it

    I'm sure you're right. Corbin has taken a look at Yamaha's two-part seat and completely redesigned it. I can't wait to try it out.
  13. I tried to be fair; riding over 100 miles on each of three days, but no amount of repositioning could find a comfortable spot on my factory-installed Seat Concepts seat. The rear edge has a raised lip that feels like a rope laid across the bike. I offered to pay for a second try but the factory said that's it. My Corbin order went in this afternoon.
  14. Yahama has, for some reason, decided to divide up all the FZ-07/MT-07's into two groups; perhaps you've noticed. There is on the one hand, the "All Black" editions, and on the other, the Silver Spar Editions. Looking back at 2016 the Grey was Black, and the Silver and Black were "Silver Spar" editions. In 2017 the Light Blue was "Silver Spar" and the Grey was Black. This year, 2018, the Blue, Grey and White are all Black. So, no more "Silver Spar?" Personally, I think the silver main vertical spar is one of the highlights of the design. The casting alone could easily be mounted on a mahogany base and viewed as a pice of modern art.
  15. fhilliard41

    New Bike, Old Rider

    Thanks for this. I'm usually over the limit; I just like to know by how much.

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