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  1. Installed my new NOCO genius wiring
  2. Probably 3.5-4hrs from Bellingham, depending on the ferry.
  3. Very nice, the only down side is I live in the great white norrh (AKA Canada) which means shipping costs are a nightmare
  4. Pretty sexy Nitron R1?
  5. I'm not far off the 160lbs but I'm sure the stock setup leaves much to be desired even when it's 100%. I'm not gonna lie tho, I am super picky when it comes to my bike. Although I would like to upgrade I could never have a yellow spring and I don't know how I feel about mounting a remote reservoir. I'm just special that way I guess...
  6. Thanks, I have heard mixed reviews on frame sliders. Seems great of you tip over at low speed but could make things worse at the higher speeds. I actually low sided last year doing about 50kph (truck ran a red and I locked up the front while leaned over). Repair bill was $3500 but somehow I didn't have a single scratch on the motor or frame.
  7. Appreciate it, I have gone back and forth on suspension. I happily admit that I'm no track rider, so I'm not even sure what I would want. That being said, I do know that my stock setup feels a little bouncy sometimes and the weight transfer can catch me off gaurd every now and then.
  8. I think I have my bike setup how I want it (for now) Mods so far; -Modified Intake -R6 Throttle Tube -Rear Peg Delete (black hex head bolts to cover holes/ homeade bracket for brake reservoir) -Arrow Style Mirrors -Hydraulic brake switch -Black "Superbike" Bars -Painted side covers and rearset mounting plates -TST Smoked Flushmount Signals -TST LED Relay -RideItMoto Adjustable Levers -Evotech Rear Slider/Spools -Evotech Radiator Gaurd -Yoshimura Fender Eliminator -TST Smoked Integrated Taillight -Yamaha Front Cowl -Cyclops 7,000 Lumen Headlight -Yamaha Rear Seat Cowl -2WDW ECU Flash -Driven TT Rearsets -Yoshimura R77 Carbon

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