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  1. ADHWC93

    Rattle noise?

    Is there a downside or a reason to not adjust it while just on the side stand? I'd have to go out and find a rear stand and by that time I imagine I would be ready for my first service and would just have it done than. (Assuming I'd buy one online and have it shipped). UPDATE/EDIT: Okay, so I do believe I measured wrong. Confusion on my part and a few other people making videos on it not really knowing either. Finally found one that showed correctly so I re-measured. Almost exactly 2.25" of slack. Also looked at the notches on each side and both are at exactly the 4th mark. I did notice that for some reason on the left side I can't see the 5th mark at all, but on the right side I can. Is that how its designed? I can take a picture to explain.
  2. ADHWC93

    Rattle noise?

    I could, but most likely it would just be wind noise. Don't have a way of recording it and bypassing the wind. I'm almost positive its not an engine noise though, or if it is, something is very wrong! If I push down on the chain with my finger and measure, looks to be about 2.5", assuming I'm doing it correctly. I should be able to take it to any Yamaha dealer and have it checked, correct? I have one just up the street from me, while the one I bought it from is a good 40 mile ride. Not terrible, I know, but I've already been in that area 3 times in the last month! Lol.
  3. Hey all, so this is probably a noob question. My last bike was belt drive and I rode it for 2800+ miles over a 2 year period. Anyway, I've noticed while riding that my bike seems to have some sort of metal rattle noise, especially apparent under harder acceleration or going over bumps and imperfections in the road. I almost want to say its chain noise, like its hitting on something, but I haven't had a chain driven bike in so long I don't know if that's even remotely accurate. Wanted to know if this is something to be concerned about and have checked out when I go do my first service, or if its something normal. I checked tension in the chain and it seems to be fine (unless the chain is suppose to be abnormally tight). Nothing from my brief overlook seemed off or loose, and I'm assuming the dealer did an inspect like they said before they sent me out on it. I can snap a picture of the chain if that might be the cause. Get some info from knowledgeable people here.
  4. ADHWC93


    Haven't done a full accurate fill up yet (she's still new, and I did a half-tank fill up because of the dealership being 40 miles one way from my home). As of right now (totally stock, besides a irrelevant fender eliminator) gone about 64 miles since a full fill up, bike shows 59.6 MPG Average and the gas gauge is still all the way full.
  5. Turn 25 this year, so I'll see if that makes an impact on my price when the new policy term comes up. I realized credit score made a difference after Gieco sent me a letter saying that is why they are double the monthly price as everyone else. Though, everyone but them states how good my credit is, and I believe Progressive gives me a discount for it when I look at policy details. I looked at the break down of charges and its all fairly inexpensive until I get to collision, which makes up $904 of the yearly price. I'm assuming this is because of rate of accidents on the bike or something? I'll take your suggestion though and see what they have to say. Doesn't hurt to ask I suppose.
  6. I paid about $276 a year for my Harley, full coverage. Now with the FZ-07, $1,347.00. Thought there was an error, but I got a quote from a few different places and that was the cheapest! EDIT: Never had a ticket car or bike, only been pulled over for a burned out headlight and got off with a verbal warning. Must be my age....?
  7. ADHWC93

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    So far, I love it for a lot of reasons. I still need to learn shifting as it seems a little more difficult to get it just right (the Harley just kind of mushed into any gear, lol). The deceleration thing is new to me as well. I often see myself going faster or slower than the speed limit, and its a little harder to keep it at a steady speed. I'm sure I'll get use to it. The biggest thing so far though is that I'm higher up and a little more afraid of leaning far over than I was in the Harley, but again, something to learn.
  8. ADHWC93

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    Surprisingly, they have 9 used Harleys for sale. Mine was already detailed and on the showroom when I arrived today. Super good price too, almost be worth it to buy it if I didn't buy it originally. I put a good $1k in accessories and upgrades.
  9. ADHWC93

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    Plates came in today, good excuse for a 74 mile ride. The 6th gear passing power is insane. Never had something be able to accelerate like that without dropping at least into 5th! Thank you!
  10. ADHWC93

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    Oh yeah, I paid about $23/m for my street. The FZ is triple digits. So far, that's the only down side. Originally when I got my street I was looking for a 500-650 size metric cruiser. All of them seemed too heavy and wide for my taste and I decided to (kind of unwillingly) go into the Harley dealer where I saw the street. 750cc, and was a smaller size than all the rest of the metric cruisers. Really liked the styling, was comfortable, and a price I was able to afford. Had 0.8 miles on it, and was the "display" street that was placed under all the posters advertising the new model and on the special lifted area they had between staircases. Kind of a cool experience. After a little longer than 2 years and just noticing poor overall build quality and being a part of the online community seeing all the issues they had (some quite catastrophic for a newer bike), I was getting a little nervous about long-term ownership. Already had problems with the dealership over a fuel pump safety issue that ended up being a recall (after they told me nothing was wrong with it, than almost crashing on my way out of their parking lot because of the issue after they told me this), and the front brake lever not activating the brake light. I was very lucky though, no issues other than that. And I actually really enjoyed the bike, and I still would if I could be more confident about how long it would last. Being just out of warranty wasn't sitting well with me either. Still wasn't really looking for a new bike, but when I went in with my buddy and sat on the FZ I just had to have one, and it made a damn good excuse to trade in the Harley.
  11. ADHWC93

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    For sure I will. Funniest part though, I wasn't planning on getting a different bike. Went to a local dealer to have my friend look at potential first bikes and I decided to sit on an FZ-07. Fell in love, said if the payments were right I'd buy it. Local dealer never contacted me back, so I rode 40 miles out, found one in a better color, $600 cheaper, and with gap and a 4 year extended warranty is $20 cheaper a month. Also already did the Yoshimura fender eliminator. Next step is maybe the yoshimura full exhaust and a DNA stage 2 air filter. Can't wait to see how the power compares to the Street, as it wasn't too shabby overall, especially for a harley.
  12. ADHWC93

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    Thank you, and just did!
  13. Hey all, Just picked up my first FZ-07 this weekend as I traded in my Harley XG750. Weather has been pretty bad this last few weeks though so I've only ridden it from the dealer to home (about 40 miles). Love it so far though, just looking at mods and doing research while I wait for better weather. EDIT: Also noticed I have a typo in my username. Any way to change it?

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