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  1. Hi all looking to purchase a shoei gt air just after some feedback from anyone that owns one I've heard they are noisy if you are in an upright position like on the 07 cheers
  2. Not sure where you are but if in Australia try gumtree find someone who is selling a deristricted 07 and ask if they will sell the original part good luck
  3. Its amazing how well he rides wearing a straight jacket what a nut job ☠
  4. Shark

    New Member from PA

    Welcome excellent choice for a first bike they are a blast to ride
  5. Hi there I'm sure everyone has noticed that after several hours on the bike ya rump gets a bit numb I was looking to upgrade the seat but not a fan of the comfort seat stitching why the bike does not come with one beats me I believe they have addressed this with the 2018 model anyway I went to my local bicycle shop purchased a pair of lycra padded pants $80 put ya jeans over the top and they are not visible they do feel a bit funky the first time you put them on but work really well on long rides cheers..
  6. Searched the net for MT07 club in Brisbane and found the forum great site with plenty of information and pics of nice bikes..
  7. Hi can anyone recommend some decent bar end mirrors and what sort of $ looked on Ebay but they look pretty ordinary thanks....
  8. Shark

    07 Terminator

    Chocolate teapots?
  9. Shark

    07 Terminator

    Hi all mate of mine reckons bike looks like something out of one of the terminator movies? not sure which one but ill go with that,anyhow this is my pride and joy while I am doing up a sportster 72 I think I will hang on to it way to much fun, evotec tail tidy akro exhaust cnc levers r&g radiator gard and cheap Chinese windscreen great bike and well built ride safe.....
  10. Shark

    Hello from Australia

    Yes the police just love a group of bikes and no one needs them looking to closely at those mods..
  11. Shark

    Hello from Australia

    I was at mt tambourine two weeks ago an saw a group of six 07's wish I had have been on the bike and not in the car....
  12. Shark

    Hello from Australia

    Cheers it's a 3m car wrap Thanks

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