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  1. for the right side you can just let it burn through and dremel the edges and leave it or patch it with a small bubble.
  2. The stock headers will burn through on the right side as well as Graves. Graves also dips down through the bottom on one header. Not sure of any others. Easy fix though.
  3. scratchpad

    A question about the AP Link

    Im over here trying to figure out why my bike turns in and exits a corner so good without this link. I see what @mad is saying. With the oem dog bones and link it APPEARS to have a very slight curve in movement, w/o the shock attached, while in motion. With the shorter dog bones it would APPEAR to bring the rear shock mount on the link to a position that would make it more linear. Laymans perspective.
  4. Havnt tried them but i do have a set of the original design which these are based on. Few differences: the nose is closed off different fairing stay different mounting hardware different tail section mounting (have to buy extra piece for race seat support) What they should have done is addressed the lower so that any exhaust could be used without making modifications.
  5. scratchpad

    A question about the AP Link

    bare with me as im trying to learn this. 12.28 oem oal @blackout and 12.5 oal @mossrider seems short to me. @blackout is saying suspension could be adjusted to help but best suited through geometry. So how about longer shock length to get this 11 to 12.5 degrees? Or, is this link the magic button everyone is missing out on? If so i want one.
  6. scratchpad

    A question about the AP Link

    what is your shock length, eye to eye?
  7. scratchpad

    A question about the AP Link

    Interesting i dont have that problem. Maybe i need the link to go faster though. So, thats not something that can be attained with suspension setup?
  8. scratchpad

    A question about the AP Link

    what is this increase rear anti squat you guys are referring to? also what are you guys doing to the front after youre raising the rear so much? what are your shock lengths eye to eye right now and at what swingarm angle?
  9. scratchpad

    M4 exhaust (used)

    sent you my paypal info
  10. scratchpad

    M4 exhaust (used)

    Yes. The only "damage" is the minor rash to the metal band in the first pic. Easy to drill out the rivets and install new metal band if one wanted to. Not necessary IMO. Fresno, CA
  11. scratchpad


    Ditch that FTecu quickshifter. Its a POS. Mine never worked consistantly along with others ive spoken to. I went to a Bazzaz and it works great.
  12. scratchpad

    M4 exhaust (used)

  13. scratchpad

    M4 exhaust (used)

  14. scratchpad

    M4 exhaust (used)

    Used M4 exhaust. $250 shipped with what you see in the pics.
  15. scratchpad

    New m4 full system

    It was in the classifieds here but the post has vanished. Ill take some pictures and repost later today.

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