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  1. This is interesting, I assumed it was slightly progressive to give a little bit of comfort for street riding , would be interesting to properly measure the bike
  2. In my opinion , and it is just my opinion and so correct me if I'm wrong We should consider a lot of things How can we affect the anti squat ? The shock is made to work in a linear way , are the links making the motion progressive or regressive ? Is it possible to improve the overall geometry ? Now .. anti squat it's a complex effect , sprocket size , swingarm angle and length and sprocket position in relation to the swingarm pivot are some of the factors to consider and I'm not able to calculate a good set up I belive that the ap link will solve the problems related with linearity of the shock's motion , and doing so it will , as a consequence, rise the height of the back and rising the back will modify the geometry but wheel's diameter and front fork position are a factor too But as we are talking about geometry we should think about the track ! Very twisty and slow ? Short and agile bikes do better , and we should consider a flatter swingarm angle and lowering the front can be beneficial. Fast and not really twisty ? A longer bike will give more stability and a bigger swingarm angle will provide meccanical grip . We can raise the front to stabilize the bike during a very hard brake , maybe for a track with a slow turn after a long Straight . In conclusion I belive that the ap link is made to create a linear motion for the shock and rise the tail just enough to help turning , the new swing arm angle may improve the meccanical grip and maybe just a little help with hard accelleration due to antisquat just as an added bonus but the negative may be instability on hard braking
  3. Everyone has a secret, some are bike related! I will share some of mine hoping that you will do the same When I removed the metal piece under the pegs they started to be consumed every harder ride .. This is my solution, titanium screws, they are quite shorter than oem and they make A LOT of sparks
  4. Ok , i don't know how to math imperial but I belive that your next link will be 5/16 shorter than standard ( a little less than 8mm shorter than oem ) so 1/32 shorter than ap Just out of curiosity, why going even shorter then ap ? P.s. Your project is incredible !
  5. I belive that this is more or less an increase of 3 cm or even more 25 mm the Extreme creations Maybe 30 mm the Ap
  6. They justify the price by letting you reuse it on another bike just by buying the harness, rapid bike does the same , it sucks at firs but it is quite cool if you change bikes frequently
  7. Yes ! I'm trying to decide between a lot of different solutions . . But is almost impossible to find the length of the ap link
  8. Do you know how much difference there is between oem and ap ?
  9. Underwear ! You can remove them without any one noticing
  10. I really think that removing a lot of little things will add over time but im not brave enough to apply everything
  11. after A LOT of time wasted thinking about this .. this is the result ! (But I wasn’t so mad to do it) The list will work this way ,the first part is about removing stuff , the second about spending some money and the last is about my mental illness less Is more Aluminium frame covers plastic fork covers coolant tank cover radiator covers heel guards rear mud guard Tank center plastic passenger pegs ( no more passengers..) passenger seat strip the metal bolts under the pegs License plate holder’s mudguard exhaust cover tools ( Belive me , don’t do it ) fuel canister ( €4 only) Reflector (€4 only) Mirrors ( not quite legal ) bar ends ( will add vibrations ) Air filter cover Time to pay exhaust ( no dB killer .. for lightness) Lithium battery ergal handlebar ergal bar ends Seat cowl Tidy tail blinkers 520 conversion ergal sprocket nuts Lighter front disks extra light rear disk titanium brake disk’s hardware shock absorber Carbon fiber front mudguard rear sets Fuel cup Ergal “non stressed “ hardware titanium “stressed” hardware ergal wheel spacers to be continued
  13. Mad

    NO! Just NO!

    I don't know... but I believe that motorcycle are the last crazy things we are allowed to enjoy near others, why making them so able to save our ass that isn't crazy anymore to ride them ? I'm pro tools that improve the rider inputs, like abs , slide control , traction control or even wheelie control (aka party pooper) .. But something that tries to stear or stop for you is my limit .
  14. This isn't a mistake but a sign that tells you to go metric ! (I belive that you have to press for a long time one of the buttons, if this does not work I will try the same with both )
  15. OK ! Now I understand ! Thank you. I was wondering about the way the kit works since I found your website.... and because you are the only one to make this .. it was a long time ago

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