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  1. I like it. Where'd you buy it? I can't find the 10K.
  2. emmett

    hey NW Pennsylvanians...

    Just read your post from 7/12/17 (I know it's late to respond)...but, if you ever get up to Port Jervis NY you have to ride through the 'Hawk's Nest (Rt. 97). On most any nice Saturday and Sunday you'll find dozens of bikers parked along the road, which overlooks the Delaware river. It's like a mini Dragon's Tail and the scenery is beautiful. You can look up 'Hawk's Nest NY' on youtube to check it out if you like. you'll find many sight seers with motorcycles, who love to talk about there bikes. Eagles and Paragrin Falcons are common sights, too. Lots of nice roads nearby.
  3. emmett

    The Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Kawasaki 750 Triple

    I'll never forget the time when me and a bunch of my riding buds were shootin' the sh-- outside the local watering hole and one of em, who was used to his Honda CBX, tached the H2 up and dumped the clutch from a standstill. The Kawi did a couple of back flips on him but luckily left him standing there wondering WTF just happened? None of us had any idea that the H2 had so much torque. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry...the bike was FUBAR. What really sucked was that it didn't even belong to him and, though he was a good rider, he was totally unprepared for all that power. Luckily he was a good wrench and was able to put it right, but at a cost. That was one bike you had to totally respect, whether you liked it or not. No Jap bike handled well back then, at least not without new swing arm bushings, shocks, forks, etc., but that H2 was a real beast. Only the English bikes handled well, if you could keep the parts from vibrating off 'em. My, my how far we've come with the frame technology, suspensions, electronic safeguards (abs, etc).
  4. I was researching right after I sold my Harley and was torn between an '09, an'07 and the Stripple 675. I found the site on 'windows edge' search. I liked it better than the other forums. I have a fair amount of knowledge from many years of riding, but needed opinions from other '07' owners...so here I am.
  5. emmett

    Hello from NY

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy
  6. emmett

    Hello from NY

    thanx, DewMan...I'll keep that in mind.
  7. Sorry for your loss, Quicklime. I've lost several good friends to stupid drivers so I can imagine the loss. I'm a firm believer in bright lights and loud pipes, no matter how obnoxious some might find them.
  8. emmett

    Hello from NY

    Hello everyone. Just sold my Hogly Davidson and bought a '15 FZ 07. Got tired of all that weight and just want to get back to what biking is all about...having fun. My Yammy is already set up with all the goodies, so all I gotta do is enjoy it. eeehawww. I've been riding since 1975 and this is the smallest displacement bike I've ever owned, but definitely not the slowest. My first was a 1975 Honda CB750F and that was not as fast or quick as the FZ07, nor was my 2011 Heritage Sotail Classic. I looked at the FZ 09 and the Triumph Stripple 675 (man, I loved that one!), but I especially liked the 07 because of the ease of maintenance. All bikes are good, but none are better than the one you own at the time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to all the good advice and tips from all yous (pardon my new yawk).

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