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  1. 16" Madstad Windscreen minor surface scratching from trunk for $175.00 shipped Yamaha Saddle bags with mounts like new for $350.00 shipped Located in Morgantown, WV.
  2. Laben

    Gear rental for track day

    So how did it go? I am also interested in tracking but have never done it before.
  3. I'm having a hard time viewing these pictures lol
  4. okay, I'm 5'7" was just wondering how far of a stretch it would be.
  5. Laben

    New color

    Are your handlebars stock? I bought my bike used and it has that set of handle bars with renthal bar ends and I wasn't sure if it was stock or not lol
  6. We do have some very scenic mountains. I lived in PA most of my life and never had anything like this, so it's a blast exploring new mountain roads. Thanks!
  7. I am buying a house in Morgantown, WV. Anybody near? We have some great twisties and amazing views!
  8. Laben

    Western Pennsylvania

    I was in the army reserve in Coraopolis.. nice area.
  9. Laben

    Seat issues

    Winner winner chicken dinner lol. Also, another thing I might sell.
  10. Laben

    Seat issues

    Truly is a saddle. It's getting grey and worn a little though from riding in the rain.
  11. Laben

    Seat issues

    My bike came with an older style Corbin that looks a little too touring for me. It's grey and soft but doesn't match how aggressive I want the bike. honestly i'd rather have the stock seat lol...
  12. They ship internationally so you should be good!
  13. Click on the revzilla banner above.. I just bought new gear Friday from them and its already here.
  14. Laben

    reserve range

    I wish the bike stated it was on reserve. The first time the gas indicator was blinking I thought I was SOL lol

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