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  1. Yeah i Know, but it shouldn't be too bad i think some people even do it with a hacksaw and file it down. But its 1k for the exhaust i really want which is the akro, and then id have to buy the flash tune kit for it which is 375 or so. id rather spend 405$ on the slip on, cut the stock pipe and then buy the flashtune kit for 375. I'll have spent so much less and ill get exactly what i want. I just want a slip on that sounds kind of similiar to the yoshi and not something that will cause to much attention or annoy my wife. Because i already do the second part pretty well
  2. So I know this is a huge topic but my needs are a little different. I was searching for slip-on exhausts for my 2017 fz07, and i read and researched the m4 of course. Alot of people say its very very loud or to quite with the baffle in. I kind of wanted a exhaust that is not too obnoxious and still sounded mean. I like the sound of the yoshimura, but i don't think they make a slip on or if they do i cant seem to find it anywhere. So far, i've only really saw arrow or m4 as the ones to get. Am i missing any? I don't want to go with a full exhaust mainly because its alot more money and I'm mainly doing it for aesthetics and sound. Also, i think with a tune it will be perfect for me and wont break the budget. Is there any good quality slip on besides arrow and m4 that i should consider. So far i'm leaning on the m4 and just going to mess with the baffling but i do like loud just not ears bleeding loud
  3. yea i was thinking about them before i bought them. but they are very bright and i usually am more worried about people behind me then infront of me. i try to make eye contact and make sure they see me before committing
  4. @DewMan I did the install today on the relay. quick and easy. my fingers hurt a little from taking the left side plastics off because those tabs on the top are no joke haha. I was scared of breaking it. thanks again
  5. @r1limited yea thats what ive heard with the suspension as well. i dont mind the engine braking as much because it makes it easier to stop faster if someone were to pull infront of me. Oh nice i heard the flash is the best thing for the bike. I cant wait. @Mr.Puss yea i live in arizona so no winter for me, its actually the complete opposite. The summertime will probably be the hardest time to ride because it gets SOO hot here. When i look to tune my bike ill check out those filters though. Yeah and my car has been broken into before so at night I wake up sometimes thinking someone is going to steal my bike it pisses me off. Yeah my LED headlight is so f@#kin bright though. People flash me all the time and i don't even have the high beam on. look up the led bulb on youtube. The airvest thing freaks me out when i think about it. I feel like it would detonate when im riding and make me crash haha. Have you guys done tires yet?
  6. @mjh937 Yeah, hopefully i won't need to find out if its good gear or not but I'm happy with spending money for extra protection. Especially here in Phoenix where people drive very careless
  7. @r1limited Lol this is my first bike ever as well :(. I have to admit i was intimidated as f@#k and still am at times. but i got the right gear and i try to put myself in the best situations to avoid accidents or falling
  8. So, just wanted to share my first purchases being a new owner. I've had the bike since december and I am already addicted. I am the same way with cars. I owned a subaru a couple years back and i had the same problem. But, so far I feel like I've done the right things. Started off with gear and basics: 1.helmet (Bell DLX qualifier) https://www.bellhelmets.com/powersports/helmets/street/qualifier-dlx-blackout-matte-black 2. Alpinestar jacket. (not mods but it was my first purchases with the bike) https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-t-gp-plus-r-v2-air-jacket 3. Alpine star gloves https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-celer-gloves 4. a pair of Alpinestar stadium shoes which I love so far. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-stadium-shoes 5. got these but they don't fit lol. but the material they use is very beefy from just trying to put them on. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/agv-sport-willow-leather-pants 6. Big ass chain and disc lock for theft. 7. Nelson rigg bike cover. 8. Chain wax 9. Wd 40 bike mods: 1. OES frame sliders 2. OES axel sliders front and rear 3. Windshield https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/mra-double-bubble-racingscreen-windshield-yamaha-fz-07-2015-2016 4. Motodynamic flush turn signals https://www.motodynamic.com/flush-mount-led-front-turn-signals-2014-2016-yamaha-fz-07-fz-09.html 5. yoshimura fender eliminator 6. cyclops LED headlight https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/3800-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-bulb-_p_83.html Future mods: 1. m4 slip on (because its cheap and i'm not looking for big gains for anything, just want an aggressive tone) 2. flash tune data link ECU. Will purchase at the same time as exhaust. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/flash-tune-data-link-ecu-flashing-kit 3. Better tires eventually, not sure what to go with. any suggestions? Let me know what your first mods were when purchasing a new or used bike
  9. Slydog

    She's hi-vis hahaha

    damn i like your bike more than i should. That seat looks comfy. Also, I like the look of the bar end mirrors
  10. Unfortunately, i am paying 180$ a month through Geico . But, i am financing the bike and i'm also a brand new rider. I called around everywhere, dairy farm, all state, liberty, usaa, progressive. 180 was the lowest for my FZ-07. Dairyland actually did quote me at 120, but i read their reviews and i went with Geico because i do my automotive insurance through them as well and they have their own motorcycle dept for insurance so I figured I'd rather just pay the extra. Anyone know how long it takes for the rates to go down. This is full covereage, comprehensive, under insured, uninsured, everything. I've never read of anyone getting f@#ked like this besides me. im 27, clean driving record and I live in Phoenix. Trust me I called everywhere
  11. thanks man! just placed my order. now i gotta hope i can fit everything in there still haha. i hate how small of an area it is
  12. Slydog

    FT ECU Flash Tune Kit - Maps

    I'm also thinking about getting the m4 slip-on exhaust as well and i was looking for maps because i simply wont install the exhaust without getting a map that works with it. I have alot of experience with cars and tuning so i know i don't want to run my brand new bike on a lean bike with an exhaust that's not tuned as well. If anyone makes a map or finds a good map let me know!!!
  13. Hello, So i just had a quick question in regards to installing front turn signals with resistors and also cyclops led headlight. I can post pictures after i explain my problem. I installed everything, everything was pretty simple, i got the turn signals installed and i did the led at the same time, but my problem came when trying to put my headlight back on and tightening everything down. It simply just doesn't fit well. Here are the exact parts i have Turn signals: https://www.motodynamic.com/flush-mount-led-front-turn-signals-2014-2016-yamaha-fz-07-fz-09.html Led headlight: https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/3800-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-bulb-_p_83.html I got it to close but i had to kind of tie down my resistors for the turn signals outside of the headlight housing and its between my headlight and forks. this is also where i had to tie down my Led plug (where the led plugs into the bike harness for the headlight, 3 prong connector . This picture is not my bike its just to make sure everyone knows what im talking about. this connector is out side of the housing. So if this gets wet im sure things will end poorly for me. My question is, has anyone had a similar problem? If i were to only install the turn signals i would of been fine but with 2 turn signals and the led headlight i just cant fit all the wiring down inside that tight little spot. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where i could put these wires. the resistors are way too big and each turn signal has one. Here is a pic of what the resistors look like that i pulled from google How bad would it be if water was to get on these or my headlight plug. Thanks in advance

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