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  1. Bought the bike second hand, now it has 45.000 km, it fell due to wear and got stuck between chain and front sprocket! But eventually came off before the wheel locked.
  2. Great! Will cut mine also. Replaced mine last month, the old one fell during a corner and almost locked my rear wheel, was scary!
  3. godoy.rafa

    Fz-07 speed wobbles

    No wobbles here at any speed, ad I usually ride fast. Currently using Pirelli Diablo front and Michelin PR2 rear.
  4. godoy.rafa

    reserve range

    My reserve indicator always blinks when there's about 4 liters left. So from there I calculate how many KM I have left, usually 80 km as my average is around 20 km/l riding not so conservative.
  5. You had to remove the airbox so that the shock fits, right? Do you ride in rain, maybe those exposed filters might soak? Did you try this before the other mods, maybe there's some power loss with stock mapping? Can you describe the shims you used to fit the shock?
  6. godoy.rafa

    Fork spacer for more preload?

    Is PCV strong enough? Did you have to lift the front to remove the caps?
  7. godoy.rafa

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    Can I measure the nitro pressure with a simple measure tool and increase pressure with any nitrogen source? Is there a limit you know?
  8. godoy.rafa

    Max speed with top case?

    Good, so no worries about the top case falling off! The handling is fine on straight line. Of course I slow down for turns.
  9. godoy.rafa

    Max speed with top case?

    Trying to figure out what is this! But maybe I don't want to...
  10. Do you guys take it easy on the speed when using a top case? Has anyone had problems with it falling from the bike due to the speed? I did 110mph with the case, no issues, but was afraid to push to 120+. I have a Givi E450n.
  11. godoy.rafa

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    Nevermind then
  12. godoy.rafa

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    Special tools are required to service this? Or it can be done by mortals, just like servicing a front suspension? I believe only oil goes inside, am I wrong?
  13. godoy.rafa

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    Thought it was the airbox! Thanks. The guy told me he'll turn the shock so that it doesn't hit the box.

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