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  1. minkster

    Cruiser to MT-07

    As far as wind resistance, I wear a full face helmet, and a sturdy jacket, which absorbs some of the wind impact. I lean forward just a little and the wind holds me upright at speed and it feels good. If you go without gear, you might have issues. The honda 750 is a slow bike, and you can't lean over very much. The mt-07 takes off like a bullet, and you will need to get used to really leaning over when cornering. Good luck!
  2. minkster

    2018 Triumph Bonneville t120

    So.... I went down to the local triumph dealer. The bikes are absolutely gorgeous, works of art really. I mean, look at those lines! Who has ridden a triumph t120? Usually, here in denver, you get a great deal on a bike in Nov/Dec. I am scared to do a test ride, because of impulse control issues, and I would just sign on the dotted line. My guess is about 12k out the door if I get a good deal. It can't be as fun as the fz07, but it is much better looking. These bikes were all new in 2016, the kinks are worked out for the 2018 models.
  3. I don't know how plausible this is, a nightmare of a project for sure. The swingarm on the tracer is longer, and the rake is a little more, 25 instead of 24 degrees. I would just as soon get a versys 650 and modify it the way you want, as it is the closest thing we have to a tracer 700. We should know in a month whether the tracer 700 is a 2019 usa model.
  4. Moto2 rider black flagged after grabbing rival's brake lever at 140mph!
  5. minkster

    American Made MOTUS, Shut down operations

    This is truly a sad day. If you want to know what a masterpiece the motus engine is, take a look at the dyno charts. The motus has a 1650cc 101 c.i. engine and makes 165 hp and 123 ft lbs of torque, vs a 1750cc 107 c.i. harley milwaukee eight engine which makes 76.5 hp and 97.7 ft lbs of torque. https://www.cycleworld.com/2017-harley-davidson-road-glide-ultra-touring-motorcycle-review-dyno-test
  6. minkster


    Welcome! Let me first tell you the best road near denver is 103 from bergen park to echo lake, squaw pass road. If you haven't been on it, stop what you are doing and go. Once you have been on it, you will realize your rear shock is a worthless pogo stick, and get a new rear shock from @pattonme his prices will beat revzilla. Then head by bitchin stichin in golden, co and get them to add some foam to your stock seat which is just torture after 45 minutes.
  7. minkster

    New 2018 - MT07 Rider

    Mine has rattled since day one. I even tightened the chain a little more than specs to see if the noise went away.... It still rattled. The valve chatter is also pretty loud, I just wouldn't worry about it. It looks like you got a 2018 brand new mt-07. Great choice. They improved the suspension and the stock seat from the fz07, which were the biggest problems. Forget about the noises it makes and just enjoy it! I wouldn't hide the noise with an aftermarket exhaust. If the noise goes away, there is a problem. You probably need a chain adjustment after 700 miles, mine did. The adjustment measurement is a little confusing, do some searching, but loose is better than tight, and if you press up on the chain, it should touch the rubber under the swingarm.
  8. minkster

    How long should the clutch last?

    I guess it is best to try everything simple before replacing the clutch. If your friction point is moving, then your clutch cable might be stretched and needs replacing. I would check the chain and sprockets also. If you have done your oil changes on schedule, and using motorcycle oil, and not car oil or something stupid, your clutch should not be wrecked. There are good wheelies and bad wheelies. A smooth clutch up shouldn't be a problem. WOT to the red line and dumping the clutch is not so good.
  9. minkster

    Is my chain too tight

    I really don't think there is anything to worry about. It just doesn't matter that much. If you had an fz-09 or fj 09 the recommended chain settings are insane, way too tight, only 5mm-15mm of free play, banjo string tight, which leads to the attached picture. Those grooves are not machined, they are a result of the chain digging in. The recommendations for chain slack on the fz 07 are pretty narrow, 2.0 - 2.28 inches or so. If you are a little off, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I have about 4800 miles on my bike, and I just pulled off the front sprocket cover for the first time to clean out the gunk and check sprocket wear. The sprocket is barely worn at all, with tiny grooves, but nothing at all like the attached picture, and my chain had about a quarter inch less distance to the swing arm than recommended for a few hundred miles. If you are paranoid over a chain that was too tight, take a look at the front sprocket, which you should clean out anyway, and see what it looks like. It will probably be fine.
  10. minkster

    My new 2017

    Congratulations on the new bike. Most important thing to do is get down to a local motorcycle upholstery shop and get that foam built up a little on the seat. It is absolute torture after about 45 minutes. This bike will thrill you just a little more than your old vulcan.
  11. minkster

    2019 Indian FTR1200

    Here is the link: https://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/ftr1200/ I am excited to see what they come up with. I can't stand the cruiser sitting position, so this is an american made bike that I would consider buying.
  12. Motus MST https://www.motusmotorcycles.com/home
  13. I also say you made the chain too tight, when I press up on mine, it just barely touches the rubber under the swingarm. You are supposed to measure 2 inches from center of the chain, not the top or bottom of the chain, to the rubber under the swingarm according to the manual.
  14. minkster

    FZ07 is beating me

    Putting risers on the handlebars might shift your weight back on your rear instead of on your hands. You will need to get the seat to a local upholstery shop so the seat doesn't push your nuts into the tank and so it's more comfortable. Fork dive takes some getting used to. Setting the rear suspension to around 8 might help the ride. https://www.amazon.com/Phoenix-Products-Handle-Yamaha-PP-10350/dp/B00T6JIDHI
  15. This is really a good business idea, don't give up on it just yet. Nobody wants to send in their stock seat. No problem. Buy stock front seats from forum members here for $45 a piece, you should be able to get a dozen or so corbin seat owners to bite and get started. You can sell two versions of your seat. One version, use the stock seat cover, just carve out and add foam in the right spots, and sell for $185. This gives you $140 per seat to pay for labor/materials and make a nice profit. Version two, an upgraded seat cover, and more and better foam or something. This version could sell for $250 or so. Once the product is established, and gets good reviews here on the forum, you have a nice little business going. If you communicate well, people will understand the business can't survive without stock seats, and will sell you their old seats once they receive the new seat and are happy with it. Keep everything simple, no custom work, you only make two versions of the seat, no requirement to send in stock seat, it's optional. There is a huge demand for this, go for it!

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