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  1. manu421

    Hello from Argentina!

    Well Greg, it's never too old and never too late! I've traveled with a couple of friends who have 64 and 60, both have great riding skills! In terms of being a friendly place for an Aussie, i've never heard here a negative comment about australians! It's the exact opposite: lots of friends are dying to know Australia! Hope that doesn't keep you from coming to visit us! I imagine you are used to a tropical climate, but don't worry, as long as you travel to Patagonia in between late september and early May, there should be no problem as far as cold! I'm trying to organize with a couple of friends for us to go to the Rio Hondo event, have to plan carefully because its a 3000km trip (1500 to go, 1500 to come). Really hope you come visit us, at least now you know you've got a friend here! Bests!
  2. There's no way around it: cheap stuff buys you headaches, good stuff is worth the headache! hahaha! Nice engine guard, like how it fits on the body, by the photo it doesn't look like it stands out a lot!
  3. manu421

    Hello from Argentina!

    Hi Gregjet! I live in Buenos Aires, right in the middle of the caos! The route 3 starts in Buenos Aires and goes all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, just like you said. The road by it self is in good conditions but it has one lane to go and one to come, during the week it has a lot of trucks since it connects most of the citys and ports - Buenos Aires - Bahía Blanca - Trelew. But, once you've passed Bahía Blanca, the road becomes less busy and starts to have a lovely view. The further the south, the conditions of the road deteriorate but not to a point where you can't drive. If you are looking for a nice adventure, i suggest along route 3 that you look for Route 40. The route 40 is like route 66 for us. It crosses Argentina from north to south all along the Cordillera. I'm planning on doing a piece of that road with a couple of friends next year (i suggest you look for El Calafate - Bariloche - Camino de los 7 lagos as a great motorcycle adventure). I went to Calafate last year (August, our winter) and the roads are so freaking amazing for a bike trip (not at all during winter). If i can help you in any way, and if you decide to come, do not hesitate on giving me a call! Best regards!!
  4. manu421

    Hello from Argentina!

    Thanks Bornagainbiker!!! Eastern Kayaker, also thank you! Soon i'll be posting a couple of pictures! I live in Buenos Aires, so most of my pictures will be from the city, but i expect to be making a trip in March to the Cordillera (Mendoza, Bariloche and probably Santiago de Chile), in which time i'll be posting videos and pictures of the trip (amazing view). Beemer, thank you very much for your kindness! Is there any company where you can rent a bike over there? It would be my honor to meet you guys and, if possibly, go out for a ride over there. I've found that when you are traveling, renting a bike is a way to get to know a place like no other! The views, the conexion with the place is a unique experience! Thank you very much guys for the warmth welcome!
  5. manu421

    Project FZ Supertwin

    Beautiful job! Nice to see carbon being used at home!
  6. In terms of personal experience, i'm still on that first 600 miles stage so i've hadn't had the chance to play with oil brands on my bike. But if you look arround, there was a post that explained the difference, not only on the softness of the gearbox, but also on the average working temperature of the bike. There, he claimed that the best results for him came using Motul 300V 10w-40. Motul 7100 also made a huge difference in my previous bikes. Also, big fan of all of the Liqui Moly products, great stuff!
  7. manu421

    Strange Wear Pattern New Tire

    As it been said before, looks like a manufacturing problem! Call Michelin's customers service to see how it can be fixed! But for me, it looks ok hahaha
  8. Thanks for the reply Steve! I'm gonna try to bypass both of the front resistors and see if the relay can handle that. The problem is that here, in Argentina, finding an electronic relay that suits the bike is quite hard! Gonna try that and write back! Thanks again!
  9. manu421

    Hello from Argentina!

    Thank you Cruizin, it's my pleasure! And also, thank you RSTX! Right back at you, Texas is one of the states that awakens my curiosity! I've had the pleasure to meet a girl from Texas who was visiting over here, and since then i've been wanting to go there. Beautiful woman, beautiful sights, excellent roads, the beauty of guns (here in Argentina unfortunately, being able to buy a gun to defend yourself or to shoot as a sport is one hell of a problem), great barbecues and plenty of great cars and bikes! If you ever come around over here, be sure to write to me so you can have a guide to show you around!
  10. Hi Steve! Thanks for the reply! I was going insane thinking i was the only one who had this issue. When you say that it's the flasher relay, do you mean it's not handling the load of the 4 resistors or do you mean it's broken and must be replaced? Thanks again!
  11. Hi everyone! I've being having a weird issue with my bike. I've recently bought the OEM Yamaha LED turn signals which come with the 5ohm-5watt ceramic resistor to install in series with de standard electric installation. First, i installed the rear turn signals. After that, everything was ok. Both turn signals and hazard lights ran perfect. Then, i installed the front turn signals (always being careful to insulate everything, respect the polarity of both lamps and being careful to place de resistors in a place with good ventilation) and something interesting happend: When i turn on the the turn signals, they run perfect. But when i turn on the hazard lights, they blink once and then turn off (not even the indicator on the dashboard blinks). Then, if i want to turn on a turn signal, i have to wait approx. 5 seconds. I've checked for short-circuits, insulated everything, checked 2-3 times and nothing. i've thought on buying a LED relay, but here in Argentina it isn't as easy to find one of those as it is in the rest of de world. Any thoughts on the issue will be more than welcome! Greetings, Manuel.
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Manuel, i'm 27, from Argentina and last week i took possession of my new 2017 MT07, in night fluo (grey with yellow wheels)! I'm sure all of you have experienced that thrilling emotion of the torque deliver this bike gives, i'm still amazed! I've had the chance to drive a friend's BMW G650X-Moto and until now, i thought that was an amazing bike from the torque stand of view. But now.. hahaha I look forward to being able to give something to this forum in return of all of the knowledge that is available here! I apologize for my english, it's been a long time since i've wrote anything in english! Best wishes for everyone! Manuel

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