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  1. FYI GEICO DOESNT JUMP MOTORCYCLES. Early Friday evening forgot to turn off ignitiion when i pulled over to clean a bug off my face shield. 15 minutes later (Other non bike issues came up) I go to start my bike and realize I dont have enough juice. There is no safe place to roll start it. Called Geico. Geico says we cannot jump a bike, but we can tow/hoist it. WTF! Then I asked if they could ask the tow service if they could jump... They said the tow service could jump it but Geico would not cover it. WTF! Luckily got a frind who lived near by to help me jump. ***BTW the battery was not connected to the car*** So no chanve of frying my electronics Started right away. So basically been paying GEICO Roadside assistance for 20+ years car/bike and 1st time I have a bike issue it doesnt cover it... WTF! Investing in one of those phone sized handheld portable jump starters, Just hope when the time comes it wil have some juice in the next 20 years...
  2. We all could lose at least 5 to 10 Lbs. And you make money on that by eating less.
  3. Weird pop decel? You mean rum rum pop pop rum rum pop pop? I get a little decel pop but Im running rich. Same thing happens for my cars in past 350z, 300zx. I had them both running rich. Thought it goes with the territory... FYI, My FZ Settings I have FCU|Flash flashed from PC5 map (Akrapovic Carbon Full Exhaust and DNA Air Filter). Also I have decel fuel turned on; as opposed to off like others like. Lastly I find the map variety from Power Commander 5 run rich no matter what scenario you use... Maybe change the fuel map to less fuel may take away the pop?
  4. I wear this in Hawaii. Im mostly on street. If I was riding on Freeway all the time I think I get something else. I use my leather jackets D30 armor with it. Anyways jacket keeps me cool. http://www.flyracing.com/product/street/apparel/jackets/flux-air-mesh-jacket/6345/camo
  5. Hi! Does anyone know a premade clutch cable thats a little longer than stock. I need something between 1" and 2" longer. thanks. Got some Renthal Street Fighter handlebars and they are wider + I flipped my bar mounts which make the bars a little more forward. Thanks!
  6. Added a Renthal Streetfighter handlebars! Need longer clutch cable though (2 or 3 inches longer, no pun intended)... Any other cable model I can get before getting something custom built?
  7. Kyuzo

    KTM Duke 790 Wow!

    about 20 pounds lighter than the FZ 07 and 20 more HP! Upsidedown forks and it comes in black! I wouild trade up from my FZ but no no for the 20-30% tariff from President f@#ktard! Wait for a used one to come...
  8. Besides preload, are these adjustable? Or drop in and forget; cant find anything about adjustability on Traxxion's site...
  9. Nope. I removed the stubbys on the controls themselves.
  10. Aloha! Got these last fall. Switched to different bars that I like better. They have the 1" risers Ships flat rate usps priority with insurance (about $20, im in Hawaii fyi) $175 shipped pst for paypal info Thanks
  11. Saw that Traxxion is making a new damper kit. Looks like they incorporated their own valves into the damper rods... Anyone try yet? Discuss http://traxxion.com/product/ar-25-axxion-rod-damper-kit/
  12. Kyuzo

    Oil data info, got any?

    Dillema, My local Walmart isnt carrying Rotella T6 anymore! But they are carrying this shet https://www.walmart.com/ip/Quicksilver-20W-50-Motorcycle-Oil-1-gal/35792202 anyone know anything about it? It cost like $30 for 1 gallon.
  13. When I converted to a 520 chain I went with a 17 x 39. I like it. Though if I were to fine tune it, I'd go up no more than 1t or 2t in the rear or get a 16t in front (40t and 41t are hard to find though). The only downside its harder to wheelie. My favorite gears are 2nd and 3rd. I find I dont "have to find" the gears as much as I do stock gearing.
  14. Kyuzo

    FTecu flash kit installed. Wow!

    Tried a few map and flash configurations, found the following to work best for me. I used the AKRA Exhaust and DNA Air Filter map from PC5 on top of the "Desrestricted" ft flash. Its night and day. I have Carbon Akra. Exhaust and two pod filters (whole airbox snorkel delete). Highley recommend! Got the flash tune "bench" kit, where you take the ECU out and do it on your computer or laptop (EZ as pie). Got mine onsale at Revzilla beggining of year for under $340. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/flash-tune-bench-ecu-flashing-kit-yamaha-fz-07-2015-2016
  15. Kyuzo

    Best helmets under $200

    This one rocks too. Got this as my 2nd backup. Really good in the wind. Little over $200 with tinted screen. Also I like the middle clamp better than that of my EXO r2000. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/scorpion-exo-r420-tracker-helmet

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