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  1. Leo Vannucci

    Does the FZ07 have an AIS valve?

    It was weird indeed, I mean, I was riding with my friends and I could look at them and show them (while running) how I could make the bike pop according to how fast or slow I opened the throttle (and this took only about 1mm of throttle travel).
  2. Leo Vannucci

    Does the FZ07 have an AIS valve?

    By baffle you mean the db killer? I noticed the decel pop in two different very specific scenarios. At first, both using the dynojet maps and the jeffo maps, I would have a very loud pop at the end of every hard run on first and second gear, like, close to the redline and then pop. Jeffo sent me about 4 mods of the original map in order to try and reduce this. It did stop the kind of pop I mentioned, however, a new pop appeared. Now, when riding at medium to high speeds, while holding the rpms at around 6k in say, 3rd gear, as soon as I close and then open up the throttle again (very slight movements) it pops; it's even controllable, like, I can let the pop go in a loud bang or in little bursts... Weird!
  3. Leo Vannucci

    Does the FZ07 have an AIS valve?

    I’m using the new Power Commander FC. It’s running a custom map from Jeffo maps. It popped the same with the custom map or the regular map.
  4. Leo Vannucci

    Does the FZ07 have an AIS valve?

    I believe I didn’t use enough Loctite anti seize on the gaskets, could that be it?
  5. Leo Vannucci

    Does the FZ07 have an AIS valve?

    I wonder if mine has one too. What is it for? maybe I’m getting the decel pop due to some sort of leak in the exhaust.
  6. Hello, I have an M4 exhaust + Power Commander + DNA filter and lid, after some custom mapping on the Power Commander (and it also happened when I was using the Dynojet “stock” maps)... I still get some weird pop (decel). I was told by Dynojet that unless I block off the AIS VALVE I will still get popping no matter what. Does the FZ07 have an AIS valve (or some sort of clean air valve or whatever that pumps cold air into the exhaust?).
  7. Leo Vannucci

    FZ07 error code reader OBD2 kit?

    Right, but I’m asking about the FZ07.
  8. Hey guys, Do you know know of a kit that will allow me to read and clear faults on my FZ07? I would like to buy some sort of bundle (reader and cable) or some sort of kit that will work with my iPhone and the FZ07. i keep seeng OBD2 solutions for the FZ09 but not the FZ07, is there a reason?
  9. Leo Vannucci

    New m4 full system

    I just installed the slip-on last week, and it's truly the best mod I've done so far, what a sound! I tried it with the db killer on and it sounded good, sort of like the Akrapovic sound you hear on bikes that come with Akra's stock (BMW, KTM), which is a low growl but not a high volume and sort of a "rattling" sound. I took the db killer off and it became a BEAST, sounds louder than a Harley and the sound is buttery smooth, specially in the 3k rpm range. According to many of my friends, the sound sounds exactly like an American V8. Installation was a breeze and fun. I had a friend help me cut and grind the headers (I didn't have the tool) and the rest was very easy. You do need to tight the bolts on those clamps that join the headers with the slip-on very tight to avoid a leak, I tightened them so much that I stripped both the screws, lol. The look is amazing, and that carbon fiber feels very well made. The only thing that didn't look so good at first was the color difference between the slip-on's mid pipe vs the headers (which are sort of dark bronze due to the heat cycles). These pictures were taken the day I installed it. Now after a week, the color is the same throughout, you can't tell it's a slip-on, it's amazing how the heat cycles will do the work. I also have a DNA air filter and airbox lid, and a Power Commander FC, I reccomend installing all of that togehter with the slip-on, in order to get a performance increase as well as the great sound, and get a proper fuel mix too. My thoughts regarding the slip-on vs the full system are that personally, I'll go all the way with the slip-on, hands down. For one thing, I hate it when pipes are painted black, remember it's a part of the bike that will be in contact face forward with the elements and dirt/rocks while riding, which will translate into having that paint chipped in a very short time. I doubt there's a performance difference between the stock headers and the ones they have, a friend installed the full system from M4 with me that same day on mis FZ07 and we compared my stock pipes with his, and they were exactly the same. We both agreed that the can on the slip-on looks 10 times better than the one on the full system which kind of looks like one of those "fake" cans they sell on wish.com lol. Here are some pics.
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering if there's a known forum from Dynojet or maybe here, where I can find maps made by FZ07 owners, since the maps offered by Dynojet on their website are sort of limited. I for example, have the following: M4 slip-on (db killer removed) + DNA filter + DNA airbox lid Would love to get the right map for it...
  11. Leo Vannucci

    Power Commander FC on 2017 FZ07

  12. Leo Vannucci

    Power Commander FC on 2017 FZ07

    As far as I can remember, the only mistake I remember doing during the first installation was that I completely forgot to plug the breather hoses back in (both of them) to the tank. I actually rode the bike like this, but no light came on. After that, I remembered and I plugged them back in after riding the bike for 1/2 an hour. The check engine light got turned on on the next day. I also remember that during the first install I left the gas tank’s main hose plugged BUT, with the orange thingy (quick connect safety) not closed. According to the dealership, these errors can pop out after the event happened as it “remembers” them in retrospective even if the error gets fixed, so I still need to have them clear the light next week. Do you think any of these things will bring up the CEL ?
  13. Leo Vannucci

    Power Commander FC on 2017 FZ07

    This question applies to anyone who also owns a Power Commander V by the way...
  14. Hey guys, I installed my PCFC a few days ago and everything worked, the status light on the module comes on, the bike feels more responsive (its using the stock map since the bike has the stock air filter and exhaust as we speak, tomorrow it gets the goodies). After a couple of days riding I got the check engine light and it’s driving me mad. I took the bike to the dealership and they told me that since it’s a 2017, it doesn’t do the self-diagnose thingy on the dash anymore, so I had to make an appointment for a check (so they can reset the light and tell me the error) next week. Last night I actually took everything apart again (even the tank) so I could slowly unplug and re-plug every connnector from the PCFC and so I did, successfully. Nothing seemed to be badly plugged from the first try, maybe the 02 sensor connection seemed a bit loose but that was it. Of course, the light doesn’t turn off since it needs the dealership to be reset... I’m wondering, has this happened to any of you guys before? Is there some kind of common error that pops up with the PCFC? Also, is there a way of “telling” if I did something wrong? i.e. the status light won’t turn red or the bike will feel terrible?

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