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  1. Just ordered some gloves and a shirt so I could get the free shipping.
  2. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    Yeah the bar is stock the levers are stock length but a gift from @Bigturbomaxthey are adjustable. Windshield if you can call it that is a China part it was black when I got it but the sun turned it that copper color I think it goes nice with the green
  3. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    Update on how it looks now. Still love the green
  4. Got an Ejk, neilson rigg tail bag,preload adjuster and some new levers thanks to @Bigturbomax also got an led bulb in the mail
  5. Same here I put my pin when I joined. Is there anyone else that's near Austin besides @bigturbomax and @red_ak_ranger
  6. Lunchbox87km

    Yoshimura carb/50 state exhaust

    Are you going to take the baffle out and see what the difference is?
  7. Lunchbox87km

    Yoshimura carb/50 state exhaust

    Can't wait to hear it in person
  8. Lunchbox87km


    North Austin
  9. Lunchbox87km

    My FZ07, love it so much :)

    Nice bike, love the green
  10. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    It's an awesome color I love it
  11. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    We'll I just got the bike so im kinda broke, unless you want to send me a beige leather seat that upgrade is going to have to wait. But I do like that idea hadn't thought of it yet I'm waiting on the windscreen and radiator guard
  12. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    @Bigturbomax has a bronze that I was looking at for the frame covers I might doit not sure yet. @sorkyah not too big on red myself I think it would over power the green and that's not what I want
  13. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    Well I'm new to the site and I'm sticking with that answer
  14. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    I had no idea someone else has done this color or similar to it. I think both bikes are beautiful.
  15. Lunchbox87km

    New color

    That would be a good story. Getting arrested for stealing your own bike

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