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    A barrel works good. It ran about $220. Also a great spot for gear storage when you need to add or remove 'whatever'. https://www.bikersfriend.com
  2. This is a somewhat of a repeat post. I inadvertently deleted the original post. Anyway, about 8 or 10 months ago I bought a Scorpion Serket Taper exhaust for my 2017 FZ07. Installation was anybody's worst nightmare. Quality control is not so hot at Scorpion. The pipes fit together too tight, so attempting to get the tension out of the installation and hoping it would not break made for a very long day instead of a less-than-an-hour install. All said and done, it's been on some good long trips, and has proven to be a great exhaust. The sound is phenomenal. As one of the members here pointed out, it is actually a straight pipe with two baffles. One at the front and one at the rear. No repacking needed. I keep both in place because it's loud enough to make ya feel good, and be heard, while not an annoyance to the point of drivers on the road wanted to run you off the road. The stainless pipes have turned a nice golden brown and are still as solid as a rock. If interested in this set, plan on checking pipe fitting first thing, then sending it right back to where you got it AT THEIR EXPENSE, and having them send another until you get one that's made right. If you don't mind repacking occasionally, most other manufactures sell that type and there are some good options. Personally, I like to do as little maintenance as possible, so the non-repack type works great. As a side note, I use Amsoil motor oil for several reasons. It goes twice OEM without needing to be changed. On my last MC, I checked the clutch pads with a calipers and the thickness was still at the top of factory spec of 3.1mm on all six pads: NO WEAR AFTER 22,000 miles of newbie clutch burning. And the engine cools quicker (it's thermostatically controlled so the temp didn't actually change).
  3. Sweet looking design. Remember that if you have a factory rack on your bike, the Corbin will not fit.
  4. ASTech seat mod had the same effect with me. The gel insert was great, except the hole has an edge which results in pain at the undersides of my legs. I made a 1/2 foam pad cut in to a triangle shaps to cover the edge. It's not the best option, but right now, it's enough improvement to make riding for an hour enjoyable instead of miserable.
  5. RF Mueller

    FZ-07 General Review

    You, sir, have an iron butt.
  6. So this isn't really intended to be a discussion. It's a general review of the motorcycle itself after a year of ownership. It's an opinion, and if anybody's doesn't agree, save it for yourself. This is for somebody in the market for an FZ07 that wants honesty: The performance is remarkable for the money. The motorcycle seems to be very well balanced and peppy; perhaps a tad rough at the low end. Extremely fun to ride for short periods of time, such as less than an hour. It's nimble, it's quick, it's very easy to handle, it's light weight, it makes you want to go fast. I've installed a Scorpion Exhaust that has proved to be very worthwhile. It's a set of strait pipes with baffles at both ends. It really does add good character to the bike itself, a power bump, yet not too loud or quiet with both baffles in; people will definitely hear you without being an annoying jerk that people would just as soon run off the road. Considering the neutered condition of the bike having stock exhaust, it makes the bike in to a motorcycle with a purpose. Side note on Scorpion: Their quality control is terrible. The pipes didn't fit together well at all. They were so tight it made the installation anybody's worst nightmare. I had to freeze the inner pipe while heating the outer pipe with a blow dryer, then hammer the two together. Getting the tension out was no easy task. It doesn't require repacking; a nice little perk if you don't like to repack exhausts, and I don't. After 6,000 miles, they are a very nice stainless steel golden color, and functioning perfectly. The bike will lean you forward by about 10 degrees. Plan on doing some planks to strengthen your arms if you are going to ride a while. No biggy. If you can keep yourself out of the throttle, you'll get 65mpg at 65mph. It's very consistent. The worst part: The seat. If you like to ride for more than an hour or tour, perhaps a different bike would be a better option. I purchased the comfort seat upgrade from Yamaha. It was a total waste of money. There's nothing comfortable about it. Further, the seat tilts you forward so you are forever sliding over your crotch. It's very annoying an uncomfortable. Then, I purchased an Airhawk Dual Sport seat cushion. No help. I used it for 6 months thinking I could get the air level "just right", but it always slid forward and added pressure to the undersides of my thighs which proved to be rather painful after about 10 minutes. I taped the air bag down in the front: No help. I leveled the seat as much as I could by grinding down the back bumpers and raising the front. No help. So then I had ASTECH rebuilt the seat pan. That helped a tad with butt burn, but then because the pan has ledges for your legs to drop off of, the ledge becomes pressure points on the undersides of your thighs or cheek bones depending on how you position your kiester. So, again, no real help but some small improvement. The seat pan design simply does not afford a comfortable ride for more than an hour. A Corbin "Gunslinger" for a mere $500 might have been right, but it won't fit around the stock rack. The rack is a nice touch if you like to commute to work and you carry a lunch box and thermos. So the Corbin option was out. Perhaps order an aftermarket rack that doesn't mount in front of the passenger seat and the Corbin Seat might work. So, after more than $600 in seat upgrades, not including shipping, my seat is tolerable for an hour. If Yamaha had taken the time to design a proper seat, the motorcycle would be perfect. But, where you put your butt, makes all the difference if you ride for long periods of time, and I do, so if I had do it all over again, I would by a Honda since they are known for great ergo fitting bikes. If your uncomfortable, and you can't fix it, then it isn't really worth riding. Yamaha Windshield is fine if you like getting hit in the chest with a lot of air. The motorcycle is designed to have you lean in to the wind which is supposed to help hold you up and take some pressure off your arms. If you don't like that, then you won't like their windshield option. I've put on SW Motech 1 1/2" handlebar risers. Motech makes great stuff. They work fantastically, as do their hard removable saddle bags. Personally, I like a lot air hitting me, so a small fairing-less motorcycle is perfect for touring. But, given the frustration with the seat, again, I would purchase a different motorcycle. Figure out a good seat upgrade, and you have a winner all the way around.
  7. Has anybody got any data as to whether or not an ECU reflash will foul out plugs or require more frequent engine cleans?

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