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  1. Daniel Cox

    Tank Bags

    Another view that shows the straps
  2. Daniel Cox

    Tank Bags

    Ya know I was kind of the same way but the bag I have "oxford of some kind" has a security strap that runs around the front fork pivot (I swear I cant think of the name of it!) It does give some peace of mind but after going on the second yr of use, the thing has never budged. I work in a secure area and have to show a badge at multiple checkpoints. I keep my badge in the clear pocket on the bag where you would put a phone. Even zipping and unzipping that pocket, the bag doesn't move. I also just did the magnet on the fairing at first, and wasn't confident, but when I cut the stitching and put the rare earth ones in the bag too it was like night and day. When I slide it back into place after fueling, they POP into place.
  3. Daniel Cox

    Tank Bags

    I have this one from oxford https://www.amazon.com/Oxford-OL185-Black-Magnetic-Motorcycle/dp/B00SN99ARO Its not available now but they make similar. I attached rare earth magnets under my fairing and also replaced the magnets in the bag with rare earth magnets. https://www.magcraft.com It works very well. I did review and work in progress on here when I did it. It was a while ago, before the site changed but my handle back then was nmrider.
  4. Daniel Cox

    The Best Ear Plugs

    I have been using ear peace https://www.earpeace.com/products/motorcycle-ear-plugs?variant=40836254468 for about a yr now. I have used the Pin lock ones and didn't like them at all. Ear Peace are very comfortable, allows me to hear what I need to hear (horns and traffic while still drowning out what is bad. Dan
  5. Daniel Cox

    What's your hot weather jacket?

    I have been using the Rev'it Vertex Air https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-vertex-air-jacket this yr and I have been very impressed. Very comfortable and great protection. I did get the optional Rev'it seesoft back protector for it as well https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-seesoft-back-protector-insert. This thing moves a crap ton of air! I would imagine it would be even better without the back protector as it does seem to slow down the evacuation of air from the back. Dan
  6. Daniel Cox

    Got an itch for a new bike

    If you will mow the yard and take out the trash the I may take you up on that.
  7. Daniel Cox

    Got an itch for a new bike

    I'm sure the altitude will effect the liter bike as well, but down from 190hp is not quite the same as down from 80hp. My ecu is flashed and the suspension was next on my list. I do love the way the twin FZ makes its power, but the liter bikes also have plenty down low. A 600, yea thats a buzz bomb that you have to keep high but the liters have plenty of grunt down low. I do really love the fz and I will probably keep it and add the liter bike to my collection. If nothing else I think I may consider passing the fz down to my son, if his mother will allow!
  8. Daniel Cox

    Got an itch for a new bike

    All very good points brothers. I did really debate over the fz09 vs the 07 when I got it. I chose the 07 due to the fact they had one I could ride and I really liked it. I actually live in an area that is heaven for riding. I have a 25 minute commute through the mountains to work. I do not see a single stop light and only two stop signs. But that is actually part of the problem with the fz07. I also live at 7200 feet elevation and a great twisty road. The fz07 seems a little starved for air up here and rides much different than if I was at sea level. The twisty also takes its toll on the suspension. Originally I actually thought about just getting an fz09, but then I would have another 4k worth of adds I would need to do. Now I'm in SS range. Right now I can get a 2017 GSXR or CBR1000 for around 11 to 12k. I'm pretty sure I will pull the trigger, but I also know I will labor over it for weeks first.
  9. Daniel Cox

    Got an itch for a new bike

    Well that doesn't help much, I have looked quite hard at an R1 but really cant get comfortable on one. Almost pulled the trigger on a GSXR cause it is amazingly comfortable until I got on a CBR. Wow is all I can say. Felt awesome. Love the way those liter bikes make power.
  10. Ok, I love my FZ07, Arrow exhaust, woodcraft clip on bars, and countless other mods have turned this bike into something I love. But, I'm in the predicament of either doing a full suspension swap or just biting the bullet and getting another super sport. The newer CBR1000RR has really caught my fancy and I can get a 2017 model for quite a bit off. So off load the FZ and jump into another liter bike, or dump more money into this FZ. I have almost spent what a CBR cost just getting this bike where it is, but a new super sport has all the suspension, brakes, and motor I could want. The only real mods would be a slip on (cause who doesn't want a loud bike??) and tail tidy. Maybe some shorty levers. Having a hard time with this. I got the FZ cause I'm getting older and dont need all that crazy stuff, but I keep wanting it! Dan
  11. I'm not going to tell you how to spend your own money but bars are the things you hold to and control a machine thats doing 70mph around curves. With bars like that (weld joints) I would personally rather have something with a quality that would not be questionable. Just my 2 cents, they may be fine but it would be catastrophic if they were not. If a clutch lever breaks it won't kill you, but bars?????? And on another note, I do have those old bars. Send me you address and I will ship those evil wrist killing bastards off to you so you can go order a set of woodcrafts. lol Dan
  12. I would assume they would be. I looked at some of those but went with the woodcrafts due to the adjustability.
  13. Are you referring to the woodcrafts or the drag bars? Drag bars hurt my wrist more than my back ever could have hurt. I only had them on the bike for like 50 miles and that was due to the shipping on the woodcrafts that were ordered after the first 10 miles. Either seemed fine with the stock sets. I guess it depends on your size. I'm 5'11" and they were fine. I did get rear sets but it wasn't due to being uncomfortable but because I had changed everything else on my bike and needed something to do. I actually may have the old drag bar laying around and its yours if I can find it.
  14. I hate the way the straight drag bars drag bars were on my wrist. I did the woodcraft clip on bars and have been very happy since. Dan

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