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  1. Is this the Nitron NTR1? How was the compression+rebound damping? Cheers
  2. heartofperformance

    How to: FZ-07 throttle body sync

    It is alright sir, I appreciate your response so very much! Very succinct answers really helped on my initial question! Have a good day sir, I will report back on my progress later on if I managed to actually pull it on my own.
  3. heartofperformance

    Lets talk chain/sprocket upgrades...

    Very much appreciated You like the wheel position further back, meaning by reducing the rear sprocket by one or two, the wheel position will be a little back right, by half or one link length respectively, effectively increasing the wheel base?(stock chain length)
  4. heartofperformance

    Lets talk chain/sprocket upgrades...

    My apology for asking, not been able to read through 10 pages of this thread. Can the stock chain be reduced by one link(to reduce the sprocket/chain wear when going to even integer sprocket size)? I am planning to make it 16-42 as to reduce my freeway cruising RPM a bit without losing too much acceleration. Cheers!
  5. heartofperformance

    Is 5-10 more horsepower possible?

    Thank you for reiterating my question, we have exactly the same intention/honest question. So just a reflash will sort that dip yes? No need for an aftermaket exhaust or any other parts Cheers
  6. heartofperformance

    Shock upgrades and compatible swaps

    That being said, does the NTR2 has the potential to be plusher/more comfortable than the NTR1(with those more option to tweak things). I would not be tracking or mountain carving, just to make my daily commute more enjoyable/bearable cheers
  7. heartofperformance

    Fork upgrades and compatible swaps

    For daily long commute, super+plush touring like setup, what would be best? My apology for asking this generic question. Would the Ohlins Nix-22 able to provide plusher, bumb-absorbing ride? Like a Concour etc
  8. heartofperformance

    R1 front suspension swap

    Any update as of late? Cheers
  9. Doesn't necessarily must be done with new aftermarket exhaust yes? Reflash/custom dyno-tuning can be done on the stock exhaust on its own I hope(Cleans up a number of sins)? Because I love the low-profile sound and the neat, R6 looks of the stockers Cheers!
  10. I am commuting to work daily on my HO, around 152km round trip, rain or shine. Quoting: "I had completely forgotten how superb this motor is once smoothed out." How do you smoothed the motor out? Cheers
  11. heartofperformance

    25mm fork sag?

    Officially in my home country, we only got a vendor who are officially supporting Ohlins, and have them in stock. What is your take/review on the NIX-22 compared to other solution? Cheers
  12. heartofperformance

    Is 5-10 more horsepower possible?

    Thank you, just want to double check, very much appreciated!
  13. heartofperformance

    Is 5-10 more horsepower possible?

    Can a custom dyno tune for the stock exhaust fix the stupid torque dip from 4100-4800rpm range on the stockers(as circled)? I am just concerned with the streetability of this bike, meaning low-to mid-range torque and horsepower only. Apart from fixing those dip, a lil-extra of torque all around would be nice also Graph taken from Akro website. Cheers
  14. heartofperformance

    Is 5-10 more horsepower possible?

    How could I see the attached pictures again? Very much like to see the first graph: Blue: Stock Red: Flashed + Stock Exhaust Green: Flashed + Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust Cheers
  15. heartofperformance

    Is 5-10 more horsepower possible?

    I would like to buy this setup pretty please?

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