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  1. As stated, brakes don't suddenly lock up, if the master cylinder is not correctly machined, or you fit an after market brake lever that is preventing the piston in the master cylinder to not fully return, you can sometimes get a situation where the piston in the master cylinder is blocking the return hole to the reservoir, this then means as you drive, the brake pads rub lightly on the disk causing things to get warm, the warm brake fluid expands (this happens normally and the expanding brake fluid just goes into the master cylinder reserve) but because the master piston is blocking the tiny hole allowing brake fluid to return to the reservoir, the brake system does become pressurized and starts applying the brakes. It is fairly progressive and does not cause the wheel to suddenly lock-up.. Have you fitted aftermarket brake levers? It sounds like you might have an issue in the master cylinder (the part connected to the handlebar). Gary
  2. Thrasherg

    R6 thottle tube

    I found the grips came off very easily from the stock FZ tube and the R6 tube, I slipped the FZ grip off and onto the R6 tube in about 2 minutes with no issues, the glue used by yamaha is easy to get off without damaging the rubber grip.. There was enough of the old glue left on the throttle tube and inside the FZ grip that I just put the FZ grip on the R6 tube and it has never slipped!! Will make it easier to change in the future. Gary
  3. Thrasherg

    R6 thottle tube

    I performed this mod to my wife's FZ07 at about the 700 mile mark, she remarked that she had to be a bit more precise with the throttle control for the first 50 miles whilst she got used to it, but after that she loved it and says she would never go back. for the money this seems to be a great improvement.. As stated make sure to put enough slack in the cables so that the throttle shuts properly after changing the tube. Gary
  4. Thrasherg

    Upside down dash

    As stated, the marks on the swing arm are not always accurate, but based on your dealer putting the instrument clusters upside down, I would bet they did not use anything to check wheel alignment and your wheel is slightly off. The marks should match on both sides. I would suggest adjusting the wheel so the marks match until you can use a better way to check the wheel alignment, that small of an error is unlikely to have any noticeable impact on the handling of the bike, but is just another indicator of the poor mechanical expertise of the mechanics at your shop. You need to do your own servicing or find a better shop. Gary
  5. Thrasherg


    I look forward to seeing the results!! Gary
  6. Thrasherg


    Nice idea, but I think she will have to make do with JUST 7000 lumens until the bulb fails!! Gary
  7. Thrasherg


    Great minds think alike!!
  8. Thrasherg


    Damn, I only bought a 7000 lumen bulb a few months ago for the FZ!! Can't justify another $80 for a new bulb whilst the old one works!! Gary
  9. My wife is French (from Brittany) and rides a 2017 FZ07 and loves it, she also rides dirt (CRF230F) and has ridden the TAT, CDR and multiple other long dual sport rides. She doesn't have any interest in joining forums but has no problem with the language (we have lived in the USA for 12 years!). We love visiting Quebec and speaking the strange kind of French that they have over there!! Welcome to the forum. Gary
  10. Thrasherg

    Super Tenere

    He really hit the nail on the head, I have a 2015 Super T ES and love it, for all the reasons he listed, its boring, comfortable, reliable and will go places you do not expect a bike this big to be able to go.. The Super T and my wife's FZ07 make for a great pair of motorcycles!! Would love to get the new 700 super tenere that is coming out (in addition to keeping these 2 bikes!!). Gary
  11. Yeah, its all working great!! Thanks. Gary
  12. Thrasherg

    Disassembled 2016 FZ-07 Engine, USA

    I would also be interested in knowing why it was taken apart? I assume it was to repair something, so is that something still defective or was the part repaired and it just needs putting back together? Gary
  13. Thrasherg

    O2 sensor location

    I don't know who your welder was, but keep his name and number, that is some lovely welding.. Gary
  14. Thrasherg


    We regularly ride dirt (monthly ride out organized through the Two Wheeled Texans WEB site (www.twtex.com)) but have no road bike groups. Will be looking soon, but really prefer Dual sport and dirt riding!! Gary
  15. Looks really nice with that silver paint job!! great call on buying the parts.. Gary

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