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  1. VertigoTX

    Helmet advice needed

    From that graph, it would appear that all the Arai lean to a more oval biased shape, and the Shoei a more round biased shape. Consider, that those within the inner brackets are probably all considered an intermediate oval for other sites. I don't know how accurate all of their data is, but it seems to be collected data based on measurements and not subjective opinion. In order to get the full report, you have to measure your head in 3 places and submit the measurements. Within a work day, I had my results chart. The chart shows that my medium HJC IS-17 is a great fit for me, which my head confirms. There are several others listed that should fit well such as the Shoei RF-1200. It cost about $15, and you get a $10 gift certificate. I figured it would be worth it to narrow down the list of options for my next helmet. I'll just be sure to order from some place that allows returns such as Revzilla or Amazon in case my selection doesn't work out.
  2. VertigoTX

    Helmet advice needed

    You might consider using this service. I've read good things about it, so I ordered it. The results confirm my current helmet is an almost perfect fit. I'm going to get my next helmet based on it's advice. http://www.lidpicker.com/
  3. Looks great! I've been considering changing my red to something else. All black is one of the options I'm considering. Thanks for sharing yours. Did you paint or use vinyl wrap?
  4. VERY Impressive! You did a great job with this!
  5. VertigoTX

    New Model From Suzuki SV650X

    It's another nice option, but will require some customization (like most bikes). The ugly muffler can easily be remedied with a slip on, as there are tons for the SV and are inexpensive compared to our exhaust options. I really wanted to test ride one against the FZ, as I was interested in both. Unfortunately, they are special order only in central Arkansas, so Suzuki lost the chance. The dealer was also a bit rude about it. I'm quite happy I got the FZ instead, though sometimes wish I had waited and spent a little more on the XSR. Oh well, they are practically the same bike mechanically, and I'm having a blast while saving ~1500. No regrets here
  6. I've decided to return it. I found myself rather annoyed at the gas station in dealing with the clips to move it. I've decided to go with one of the ring mount options. I do think the bag's quality is very good, and like all other aspects of it. I'll consider other Nelson Rigg items as the need comes up.
  7. VertigoTX

    Yamaha XSR-700 Born Tomorrow

    To be candid, I'm tired of the usage of the term "retro". I don't care for it, and have a natural irritation to anytime the term is used. Why do we continue to hold onto labels? Are we, as a society, really that narrow minded? Anyways, rant aside... I love the look of the bike. I don't care what it does or doesn't resemble. I like that it's has a simple, traditional and somewhat conservative appearance. I don't tend to like things that are fancy or attract attention. Does that mean I'm therefore a fan of "retro"? Don't know, and don't care. Call it what you want, but I think it's pretty cool in it's understated appearance.
  8. Technically this was yesterday... I took it in for the 600 mile service, which cost me about $130. Took the freeway home instead of city streets, then also did another ~30 miles on the freeway. Looking forward to hitting 1000 and not caring about RPM usage.
  9. VertigoTX

    Show me your......

    I like this one and the Givi. My only complaint on the Puig is the peaks on the side look odd to me. Do you have any shots from other angles? I wonder how it would be affected if I took a dremel to it and removed those peaks?
  10. VertigoTX

    Show me your......

    I'm aware of this this thread listed below, but would love to see pics on folks bikes instead of just sales photos.
  11. LOL, maybe my perception is off from down here, but at 28" inseam, I'm not quite sure what you "tall" folks are commiserating about...
  12. VertigoTX

    FZ-07 Logo

    Would it be possible to put your url in the lower left part of the logo?
  13. VertigoTX

    FZ-07 Logo

    Awesome, I love it! Thank you! May I use this around the web? If so, how do I give you credit for it?
  14. VertigoTX

    FZ-07 Logo

    I like it! Checked out your pixel.com site as well. You have some great work posted there. Can this image be themed red and black, like my ABS model?
  15. In my limited experience so far, I've only had some minor discomfort after about 2 hours on the bike. I'm sure I can go much longer, but a more comfortable seat would be nice. I'm willing to try DIY projects sometimes, yet I don't really want to mess with a DIY seat kit. The other problem I have, is I truly do not understand why custom seats tend to cost so much. What is it about upholstery foam, cover and staples that is expensive? Not saying this to dig at anyone or the industry, I honestly don't understand. I think everyone should be able to make a profit and run a business. But what is it about a seat that makes it worth more than $150 - 200? I'd prefer not to spend more that $200 on a new seat. I'd also prefer the 2nd method you listed.

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