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  1. MThree

    I cant...stop.

    That happens to me sometimes and it's always to the right if I apply too much front brake to stop quickly or if I'm looking down at the front of the bike and not ahead. I have found if I smoothly apply both front and back brakes at the same time that the actual stop is much better/smoother. Always look ahead and not down, that's what they teach in the MSF classes. Find an empty parking lot someplace and practice your stops and your very slow speed maneuvering, it'll help a lot and make you feel more comfortable at slow speeds. Anthony
  2. MThree

    MThree's Gallery

    Hey Gary, Thanks, I bought the bike from a guy in town who is a bike collector who's mostly in to Honda NT650s It has stock rims and currently is fitted with 100/90-16 front and 140/70-18 in back. I've only had the bike for a few months and it came with the larger tire in back. Runs really good only has 8900 miles on it. Anthony
  3. MThree

    MThree's Gallery

    My 1985 VF500 Interceptor
  4. MThree

    MThree's Gallery

    A couple days before I brought the FZ home After my 60 mile commute to work My 1998 M3 My 1967 Ford F250 A 1964 Chevy C20 I sold a few years ago
  5. Thanks faffi. I hope that it's the engine mounting bolts. That high frequency vibration is driving me crazy. I had heard nothing online about vibrations on the FZ, I did read about them on the Kawi z650. I went ahead and ordered a Seat Concepts kit. That I hope will also help with long rides.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Looks like a Seat Concepts is in store fro the FZ then.
  7. Is a buzzy engine after about 4000 rpms a characteristic of the FZ07? This would be a very high frequency buzz that numbs my butt! I have about 550 miles on my new FZ and will be taking it in to the dealership for the first check and will mention it to them...throttle body out of sync maybe? I did a lot of research before purchasing a new FZ and I never read anything about the engine being buzzy. Anthony
  8. I removed that Warning sticker from gas tank. Yay...
  9. I also own a 1985 Honda VF500 and always thought the transmission never shifted correctly from 1st to 2nd, I was always going in to neutral. Until I read somewhere that if you preload the shifter with slight pressure with your foot just before you shift it would help. Boy did it help A LOT, try it. I do the same thing with the FZ, just slight pressure on the shifter especially from 1st to 2nd.
  10. MThree

    What other bikes in your Garage?

    Thanks Gregjet, it's a really fun bike. I love the sound of the v4 at WOT. In the past I have been riding zrx100 and then an FZ1. I am really liking riding the smaller lighter bikes now as I get older. If you're in to Hondas you should check out Bill Silvers book, Classic Honda Motorcycles.
  11. MThree

    Bikes you wish you still had

    Wish I still had this guy. A little heavy but had tons of torque everywhere!
  12. MThree

    What other bikes in your Garage?

    My other bike I purchased in the Spring with 8200 miles on it. 1985 VF500 Interceptor.
  13. MThree

    Throttle freeplay

    The first thing did to my fz was take out the throttle freeplay. I couldn't stand that slight delay in the throttle response. Maybe my freeplay was too much, at any rate the bike feels more responsive.
  14. Purchased my bike on Tuesday and already have 300 very enjoyable miles on the bike in 3 days commuting to work! What a fun bike to ride. My only complaint is the seat is too hard for my liking...

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