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  1. Very nice system and you told me that the bags are included in the price with the mounting hardware.. It looks like you can't carry a passenger when the bags are installed ..
  2. You said these are the bags ... What Bags ??? I see mounts only ??
  3. Skibum4106

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Dynos vary a lot too .. altitude temperature barometric pressure . The only real Dyno Comparison would be to run all the tests on the same dyno same weather and temp & altitude .. It's funny a snowmobile Magazine tested a bunch of sleds on the same Dyno all their HP ratings were way high they dynoed my 2014 Ski Doo Renegade 800 at 163 HP yet my 155 HP Yamaha Attack can beat it on top end .. Two years later I read an article that the Dyno exaggerated about 10 HP on all the sleds . All these FZ-07 Owners need to meet at a Drag strip and see who has the best running bike
  4. Skibum4106

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Stock Yamaha ECU has retarded timing curves in the first three gears.. re-flash your ECU and the bike will come to life in 1 through 3rd gears
  5. Skibum4106

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    That is rear wheel Horse Power
  6. Skibum4106


    Looks like you sold this long ago ?
  7. Skibum4106


  8. Skibum4106


    I prefer the Gunfighter & Lady Version and found a web site that sells it for $84 less but I am betting plus shipping costs

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