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  1. JW Speaker Adaptive 2 headlight and Motodemic brackets. Have a flyscreen on the way too.
  2. djfz07

    moving on

    Nice bike! Been thinking about a Tracer 900 GT for some long distance touring
  3. djfz07

    Tank grips

    I have the Techspec grips on my FZ07. Grip-wise they don't do much, As AlbatrossCafe mentioned, the tank shape doesn't work too well for grip anyway. I had the same grips on my 06 ZX6R and they made a world of difference.
  4. At first glance and just by looking at parts fiches, the frames look nearly identical. Different part numbers though. Maybe a few different tabs here and there.
  5. djfz07


    I'd be interested in knowing both! I have the Hordpower airbox, Akra Ti, and 2WDW flash with Active Tune. Feels really strong now but I will get it on a dyno soon
  6. Selling my OEM Sport Screen. Only used for a few rides and decided I like the naked look better. Perfect condition with all hardware and instructions included. 120 shipped to the lower 48
  7. I'm running the Ohlins NIX-22 cartridges (compression valve modified by pattome). It's adjustable for compression, rebound, and preload. With the .95 and .90 springs, I have the preload adjusters all the way out and my front sag is right about 32mm. I'm happy with how the bike feels but I'd like to try a softer spring to get my sag in the 35-40mm range. This setup would be very different than what you're planning but I wanted to give you an idea of what the spring rate feels like as we are close in height and weight. Having ridden the bike with the compression turned all the way out (almost no hydraulic help from the compression valve) the brake dive was much better than stock. Maxima 5w is the fluid I'm using but it's what was recommended by pattonme for my specific setup.
  8. I'm 6/2, 220 lbs with gear and I'm currently running a .95 and .90 (effectively .925) spring with zero preload and my sag numbers are just within spec (slightly less than I'd prefer for the street at about 32mm in the front). I'm playing with the idea of running slightly softer springs with added preload just so I can tune it to get in the 35-40mm range for the street. In regards to brake dive, it's reduced so much that it's not really an issue. The dive is still there, but it doesn't feel like it's slamming forward anymore. Tested this with the compression setting set to zero so it was mainly the spring alone resisting the braking force. Adding compression helps to slow the motion further. I don't have any experience with the Cogent or Gold valves but I've heard they're a good alternative to full cartridges.
  9. I'd suggest just removing the front forks for oil change/spring swap. It's really not difficult at all. I've recently pulled my forks a bunch of times installing an Ohlins cartridge kit and experimenting with spring rates and oil levels. Fork removal is a 5 minute job for me now. Much easier to work on the forks, get most of the oil out, and you can be accurate with the oil level. Also easier to pump the fork to prime it with the new oil. Not sure what the factory oil level is (I think they go by fluid volume than level) but I'd just measure it before you dumped the oil. I use a Motion Pro fork oil tool. https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-08-0121-Fork-Level/dp/B000GZPCYI
  10. Here's a screen grab from Andys Instagram
  11. Took me a little out of context there. Never said anything about riding like you're on a racetrack. What I meant was accelerating harder in which you add more air and fuel, in turn, reducing mpg. The point of adding a turbo is to force more air into the motor. If you're off boost, maybeeeeee you'll get relatively comparable mileage to a non-turbo motor but if you're off-boost all the time, why did you add a turbo? On-boost, you're adding fuel over a naturally aspirated motor at equivalent load and rpm no matter how you look at it. For loaded touring, it would only net worse mpg although I understand the added boost in power would be welcome to offset the added weight.
  12. There's only about 20lb difference between an 07 and 09 and how much does that turbo kit weigh? I know many cars use small, efficient turbo motors and get great economy but we're talking about slapping a turbo on a motorcycle. No one will bolt this thing on and "take it easy" haha
  13. Are these even bright? I've tried integrated taillights before but they've always been really hard to see, especially the turn signals since they have to be so close together. All videos I've seen are in a dark garage where everything looks super bright. I'm curious how they really are in direct sunlight.
  14. Cool little kit. It was only a matter of time before someone started pushing more air into these motors. I won't rehash some of the arguments already brought up about it but it's always good when new parts and options come out as long as the quality and reliability are there. I just can't see these kits flying off the shelves. Turbo for a bargain bike that will run about even with an MT09 or 600 supersport? Meh. I imagine the MPG that comes with the added fuel will only make our small tank even smaller as well.
  15. Just installed the Yamaha Sport Screen. Gotta say, I don't feel much of a difference. I wasn't expecting much but I thought at highway speeds I'd notice something. If anything, I guess my grip is a little less on the bars on the highway but that honestly could just be my imagination. It's easier to clean up bugs on the screen than to pick them out of the handlebar/gauge areas though.

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