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  1. C4 Trousers

    Stock exhaust NC *Free*

    Hey guys I recently got rid of my FZ07 and still have the stock exhaust lying around. It came off a 2017 with roughly 1500 miles on it. Located in eastern NC, absolutely free if you come pick it up.
  2. C4 Trousers

    FZ07 fits in shortbed

    Well duh. As long as you don’t do the passenger seat delete you should be just fine
  3. C4 Trousers

    FZ07 fits in shortbed

    It was mainly the front. I aired it down until it fit lol. Re aired them today and the pressure gauge read about 12 before I added air. Good luck
  4. C4 Trousers

    FZ07 fits in shortbed

  5. Found out today the FZ07 will fit in a shortbed truck thankfully. I knew it was gonna be close and only fit because I let some air out of the tires. Moving to NC and wanted my tailgate up if possible. I’ve seen so many pictures with the tailgate down and a bed extended or a bigger truck but never a shortbed with the gate closed.
  6. C4 Trousers

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    Sounds like you made out pretty well! I was cross shopping the street rod before I got my fz07 and was surprised how cheap the insurance was on all the HD bikes. They were all like $333 a year from the street rod to the brand new fat bob. What exactly did you fall in love with? I was only able to sit on the street rod and not actually ride it because my local dealer does not allow test rides. For me what swayed me was all the online comparisons between the two and everyone preferring the FZ07 in every aspect.
  7. C4 Trousers

    New FZ-07 Owner!

    Welcome! Maybe when the weather clears up you can give us a realistic comparison between the FZ and your prior street 750
  8. C4 Trousers

    FZ-07 2017

    Welcome! Bike looks great, Good choice on the hyper silver! As far as mods go I’ve done the R6 throttle tube, motodynamic fender elimator and currently have my ECU in the mail to be tuned for my new Yosumira exhaust. The first thing I did was take those ugly stickers off near the tank, I feel as they are an eye sore and detract from the clean lines of the FZ07.
  9. C4 Trousers

    Newbie in VA

    Congrats! Did you get a good deal due to it being the off season?
  10. Hey guys, Just got a Gopro for Christmas and my mic is en route. In my future videos I will definitely shout out this forum as I appreciate all the information i've learned and IMO it is the best FZ07 forum out on the net. Please give me honest criticism and any suggestions or ideas you may have for any future content. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLva4tNE9hpbfWFDKZH4Kaw
  11. C4 Trousers

    got me an FZ-07

    Welcome, bike looks great. Are you absolutely positive it is the same bolt? I’d verify part numbers if you haven’t done so already and put a crush washer on it. You didn’t specify if you did or not in your original post. Perhaps there is some debris between the bolthead and the oil pan that is allowing some seepage? If I were you I’d just buy new OEM bolt, washer, clean where they seal and torque to spec.
  12. C4 Trousers

    Welcome djfz07

    Looking good! We have the same color combo, I need an exhaust
  13. C4 Trousers

    VT checking in

    Bike looks great! Glad you got a good deal, enjoy
  14. C4 Trousers

    Picked up my FZ07

    Soooo...... I got it patch plugged from the inside today. They didn't have many selections for new tires and the cheapest one they has was a Dunlop Q3 for $219. I did some research and the Q3 is a fine tire however it's more oriented for very aggressive riding and most people only get 4K miles out of them. I asked the service managers honest opinion and he recommended the patch plug with the caveat that if it looks unsafe from the inside or there is substantial damage he would call me and we would replace the tire. If I went with the factory BT023's I would have to wait until Saturday for them to come in and it would be around the $180 mark installed. We'll see what happens and i'll make sure to report back if the patch plug doesn't hold or anything weird is going on. He also hooked it up for $34 bucks so that kinda swayed me a little bit as well.
  15. C4 Trousers

    VT checking in

    Welcome, please upload your pictures according to the tutorial located in general discussion. I’m sure a lot of people would like to see your bike

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