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  1. Yury Lo

    Best helmets under $200

    I recommend the AGV k3 . There are a few designs available on ebay . here's one on revzilla : https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/agv-k3-helmet?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=Text-Vendor Tail-AGV Helmets-Helmets&utm_content=77172004899462&utm_term=AGV k-3|409|26000721
  2. Yury Lo

    Taking bike out of storage

    Honestly, all I did was fill up the tank and park it in the warm garage. I am about to order fuel stabilizer now , which one is good? Better late then never . I changed oil maybe 2 weeks before putting it away, I think that should be just fine.
  3. I have my bike in storage and expect it to be there for another 2 months or so before I take it out. what kind of maintenance will the bike need in order to not mess anything up after not using it for a few months?
  4. looks like the blue one needs some action, I can read the letters on the tire
  5. what actually happens to the bike? Does it lock up the tires ? How could it have been avoided, and did you know that it was a possibility ?
  6. wow , what a story. Welcome to the forums bro. what does it mean when your engine "seizes"?
  7. Yury Lo

    When to sell

    DAMN . I actually don't have any paperwork from the previous owner or any of my own. I know it's unethical ; but is there any way to 'create' these records/receipts :} & thank you for your responses, very informative
  8. Yury Lo

    When to sell

    its 2015
  9. Yury Lo

    When to sell

    wow thats an awesome deal you got. are you in the states?
  10. It was recommended by a few friends that ride r6's and r1's . obviously they love noise; which I didn't consider. Thank you for letting me know
  11. ooo, okay ! I figured there would be somewhere I'd go and have it done there, the shipping part makes it simple. would you be able to suggest a flash for the 07? bc I don't have one yet
  12. Yury Lo

    When to sell

    I am getting to 11k miles soon and was wondering when I should consider selling my current fz07. I purchased it with 6.3k miles towards the end of June for 4,600. Now the bike has 10,350 miles on it and I am becoming worried that I'll have difficulty selling it because of the mileage. How much should I list it for so that my new MT wouldn't cost me too much more of an investment ? Has anyone sold/bought their bike with 10k+ miles and what was the price?
  13. well, I'm running stock everything on my bike now. I am planning on gifting myself an M4 pipe over the holidays and decided I want to do ECU flashing /tuning after the upgrade. I'm not too sure as to how it works /which is why I wanted to visit a place where they run diagnostics on the bike and listen to some suggestions.
  14. I live in the southern part of brooklyn , 11235. does anybody have any suggestions as to where I can go to get my fz07 tuned?

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