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  1. Louisville here. I’m always up for a ride when I can get away from work!
  2. SlowGroove

    Help: HID or LED?

    I know this is bringing up an old post, but thought I’d ask for some advice while I was here. I’m considering an LED upgrade to the stock light, and was thinking about getting the following light. Any insights or opinions on the following? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L1NLQZ2/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I1X3UT640K6SH1&colid=1US6KL9A5YVAG&psc=1
  3. SlowGroove

    Thoughts on Coolant

    I ended up going with Prestone. After looking the label over in the store, there were pics of large scale industrial equipment etc on the label, and I just didn’t feel right going that far off path for coolant. After draining the original fluid (even though it’s a 2015, I bought it used and just wanted to start all the fluids out fresh as it’s new owner), I flushed the line with just distilled water. After draining the distilled water, I noticed some small black dots and so forth in the flush solution, so at least I feel like I curbed a little oncoming corrosion from the line. Filled her with Prestone and cleaned out the reservoir, and took her for a test ride. one benefit is that instead of the medium blue colored coolant that’s difficult to read for levels on the translucent reservoir, now it’s that fluorescent green color you can see a mile away.
  4. From reading other posts in the forum, I know I can use pretty much any coolant that contains protections for aluminum (e.g. Prestone, Peak, etc.), but I’ve been really impressed with the Shell Rotella brand of oil for the FZ07. I was wondering what thoughts were regarding Rotella Antifreeze/Coolant sold through Walmart (and others). Would this be a good option for the FZ07? Here’s a link for reference... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Shell-Rotella-ELC-Fully-Formulated-Antifreeze-1-Gallon/51914799
  5. SlowGroove

    Side Cover Parts Question...

    @Eastern Kayaker Spent the morning taking the bike apart and looking over everything for what needs replacing. Somehow, the accident managed to take off small spring washers on the inside of the panels for the air intakes. Anyway - the order is in and should be here midweek, and I did go ahead and order new dampers just to make sure I had a good fit (thought being that removing from the old would have left them not sticking well to the new panels). Anyway - looking forward to getting it back together and back on the road.
  6. SlowGroove

    Side Cover Parts Question...

    @YZEtc - Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it’s a 2015, and with a new search of the forum I found this link which seems to cover everything. least now I know I’ll be getting the right replacements on the first order! Thanks again.
  7. Well, it finally happened. They say there are only two types of riders - those who’ve laid down a bike, and those who are yet to lay down their bikes. Yesterday I moved squarely into the first of these two groups on a two lane road, left hand curve, and a large Tacoma coming in the other direction (to be clear, the truck was fully in their lane, my Speed was just a bit too much, and the accident was completely due to my being surprised and lacking the full degree of experience to properly correct myself). That being said - I now have the joy of ordering new covers for the tank and rear panel on the bike due to the homeowners great idea to line thief ditch with rocks. I read elsewhere in the forum on how to find the right FZ07 to pick from so that you’re ordering the right color of panels, but then the parts list threw me another curveball. The available parts include 1WS-24129-00-P1, P2, and P4, and each include description info of “For DNMN”, “For BWC1”, and “For VRC1”, respectively. Does anyone know offhand what the DNMN, BWC1, and VRC1 mean? I need to make sure I get the right part, and though I can call the parts seller tomorrow and ask them, I thought I’d take a shot here to see if I could get an answer sooner. Thanks all
  8. SlowGroove

    My 2016 MT 07

    Nice bike. Who’s the maker on the tail bag? It looks like a Nelson Rigg, but with additional hard sided side pockets.
  9. SlowGroove

    my fz07

    Nice. The rim stickers/tape really stand out!
  10. SlowGroove

    Tapatalk issues...

    @cornerslider - that’s actually where my original question came from. Thought I was having a “user” error, and not familiar enough with Tapatalk to figure out what was wrong. I do agree, the new forum software makes Tapatalk obsolete, and since it’s overboard for what I used it for (which is really to have an app to access this forum), it wasn’t a difficult decision to just delete it and move on. @Cruizin - the new software is great. The only “glitch” I’ve found is in iOS Safari - if you move from one tab containing the forum to another, and then back again - the content doesn’t display unless you reload the whole page. Not sure though if this is a forum issue, or more likely an iOS issue - as the latest iOS build seems to have other glitches that haven’t been addressed yet. I know life demands leave leave little time to admin a forum, but I’m thankful you’re willing to do it. This forum has been invaluable for me to have a place to search and find answers to newbie odd-ball questions.
  11. SlowGroove

    The Status of motorcycling in the U.S.?

    It’s always those that are fine putting on make-up, feeding their faces, and/or texting a friend that they’re available to meet at eight while behind the wheel - and the least knowledgeable about motorcycle safety - that are the first to chime in on how dangerous motorcycling is.
  12. SlowGroove

    Tapatalk issues...

    Guess that means I’ve one more app I can delete.
  13. Does anyone else use Tapatalk to access this forum? I seem to be having issues with that app getting to content from this forum, and was wondering if anyone else was also getting error codes when trying to read from FZ07.org? I keep getting a 2209 error code.

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