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  1. Does a whole lot of nothing, but at least it looks cool.
  2. Looks like a great bolt on. I love the sound of 100+hp FZ07 - literally. Actually wouldn't be all that expensive if I sold my yoshi exhaust & hordpower air box. If I sold my hordpower air box, could I just swap my flashed ecu with a stock one from another bike?
  3. Spanglo

    Bad-ass Electric Bicycles

    I copied these settings for the most part: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=58780&start=425#p942167 Assist 1 - 10% Assist 2 - 20% Assist 3 - 30% Assist 4 - 40% Assist 5 - 50% Assist 6 - 60% Assist 7 - 75% Assist 8 - 85% Assist 9 - 100% When riding in town I only use pas1 & 2, and only occassionally use up to pas4 for hills. For steep grades that people have to walk their bikes up I'll use up to pas7. Some good info here: https://electricbike-blog.com/2015/06/26/a-hackers-guide-to-programming-the-bbs02/
  4. Spanglo

    Bad-ass Electric Bicycles

    Bafang motors are very efficient if operated properly with custom programming. It's important to keep the motors in the peak efficiency zone by running high rpms. Pedaling fast, or staying in gears that really spin the motor will net you 80% efficiency and cool running. If you lug the motors around you will get limited range and overheating... as you will with any motor. Stock programming is also not helpful for running efficient, and should be changed immediately.
  5. Spanglo

    Bad-ass Electric Bicycles

    Build your own... 160Nm of torque! https://em3ev.com/shop/bafang-48v-1000w-bbshd-kit/
  6. Spanglo

    Bad-ass Electric Bicycles

    Two ebikes I built 3 years ago. I was going for lightweight and stealth. The mountain bike weighs in at 31lbs, and beach cruiser is right at 40lbs. Pretty light for ebikes. 750W middrive motors in both. Really fun, fairly fast, and great range when peddling. I bike to work most days, and ride my FZ only a couple days a week.
  7. Oh my god I wish I hadn't seen that video... now I can't stop thinking about buying that kit.
  8. If I would've known of this sooner then yes.
  9. Spanglo

    Best manual pump?

    Bought this and it fits under the seat: Stop & Go 1001 Pocket Tire Plugger with CO2 Use a regular bike hand pump to top off the air.
  10. I had my bike apart the other day and lost that exact screw! Keep us posted.
  11. Been working everyday so haven't gone on a proper ride and beaten the hell out of it yet. Day off tomorrow, so planning on a ride, and will hammer it a bit. Cruised it around for 15 mins yesterday, but did notice a few things. First, the intake noise is substantial under hard throttle. The intake sounds louder than the exhaust now at WOT. A bit less engine brake under decel, the front end definitely feels lighter under hard acceleration, and the front wheel seemed to spend more time in the air in 3rd gear than before. Pretty much the same bike below 7K rpm, but more aggressive past 7K. I didn't notice any change in throttle response... it's responsive, just like before.
  12. Installed the Hordpower air box, 8 cell antigravity battery, and flashed ECU.
  13. Removed the stock air box. That was a pain in the ass.
  14. Can't wait. Should be power wheelies galore soon.

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