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  1. RSTX

    New FZ 07 in DFW

    Howdy, neighbor. Enjoy the ride!
  2. RSTX

    Custom DIY Seat

    Why not get a pair of padded bike shorts for longer rides? Seems like a simpler solution. /Devil's advocate
  3. RSTX

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    A quick perusal on CL shows 5 Z125's and a couple of Groms within 100 miles of me. The Grom seems to demand a higher price. Maybe familiarity? One Z is sitting at $2500 with 500 miles on it. I'm also thinking that my son could learn to ride on this and maybe (doubtful, but maybe) my wife might want to try it because of the cute factor. I can rationalize just about anything I want.
  4. RSTX

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    I don't have a place to ride a dirt bike. No pickup or trailer to haul one. I'm not wanting high speed. They look like something I could rip around town on. Yeah, I probably delusional.
  5. So I keep looking at the little Z125/Grom. Those things look like sooooo much fun. I love the FZ and would keep it. The little bikes just catch my eye. Am I crazy?
  6. RSTX

    In Search of boots

    I like my Forma Adventure Low boots. I paid $240 iirc on Amazon.
  7. RSTX

    Tips/Tricks Request

    Grammer police alert! Man, I do this all the time. I want to put that extra "o" in there. Aaaaaaand this reminds me...I need to tighten my chain.
  8. RSTX

    New 7 in VA

    Welcome! Love that blue color. Tell us more about the rattle.
  9. RSTX


    Yeah, how did you get it in your basement? How will you get it out? Walkout basement???
  10. RSTX

    Hello from Argentina!

    Welcome from Texas. Argentina is very high on my list of places I want to visit. Enjoy the new bike.
  11. RSTX

    Winter came today

    It is not nice to look at but very effective. I leave the screen off around town. It is nice to have on the highway or in bad weather.
  12. RSTX

    Winter came today

    I rode my FZ for about an hour today. I am testing the Madstad windscreen to find the "just-right" spot. While I do like the Madstad, it was 73* and I realized how much I appreciate the airflow afforded by a naked bike. I wear a Turtle airbag vest that covers my jacket vents so I need all the air flow I can get. By the time I got home I was sweating a bit. Also, I purchased a Shoei FS-FR (can't remember the alphabet soup name at the moment- too much wine for supper) and I think I like the Bell Star series helmet better. I need to ride with the Shoei absent the Madstad to see how it is in clean air but I am a little unimpressed thus far. A shame because I really like the matte blue finish.
  13. RSTX

    (Sports) Tourers

    I do not know of any fairing kits. Perhaps the rumored FJ 07 would work for you though.
  14. RSTX

    (Sports) Tourers

    At home! **snort** LMAO! This could be a dumb question, but....have you thought about putting a large wind screen and some grip guards on the FZ/MT 07? That plus some heated grips and a heated jacket/pants might be enough.
  15. RSTX

    (Sports) Tourers

    Where are you?

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