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  1. Bigturbomax

    Adjustable Shifter

    Comparing these photos and the photos in the listing, it looks like the arm has been assembled backwards. I could be wrong of course.
  2. Bigturbomax

    FZ-07 General Review

    Does it count at all that i mostly agreed???lol!
  3. Bigturbomax

    New MT owner here!

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear youre enjoying the bike!
  4. Im very interested to see your solution here. I have the same bags and have always hated the look of the velcro top piece. Ive had some thoughts about addressing it but havent had any good ones yet haha, so ive yet to make any changes. Cant wait to see what you come up with!
  5. Very good to know. Ill need to take a closer look at mine. I've always thought this bike's chain was noisier than other bikes I've owned or ridden. I had just assumed it was one of this bike's quirks. You got me worried now lol
  6. Bigturbomax

    FZ-07 General Review

    ^^agreed, ive done 3-4 hours at a time on the stock seat comfortably... Otherwise, original post seems pretty spot on. Ive had mine for just over a year also, its to hard argue with the value for the money on the FZ07
  7. Too cool man! I wish i could do that with my dog! Cool helmet BTW
  8. I almost bought rear sets and am glad i didnt. I combined renthal ultra lows with stock R3 foot pegs and the riding posture is perfect for me. You might look into those. They work great, look great and are inexpensive.
  9. Bigturbomax

    Hole in tail after tail tidy?

    Well, i took it all apart again last night and solved my problem. A little bit of careful dremel work on the original piece got it to fit around my new bracket neatly. Its all closed up now. Very pleased with the end result.
  10. Bigturbomax

    Hole in tail after tail tidy?

    Thanks for the info. Motodynamic put the plate too far in for me tho. Its hard making it look decent with saddle bags, but theyre so dang practical i dont wanna take em off haha!
  11. So....i used a universal plate bracket and modified it for my tail tidy. I didnt do it to save movey, i did it to push the plate and blinkers further back since i have saddle bags. This universal mount left in opening in the undertail. For the time being i trimmed some plastic and installed from the back side to keep stuff from getting in there. Im wondering, what do you guys do with the opening left by the tail tidies???
  12. Bigturbomax

    Seat issues

    Dude that windshield looks EFFECTIVE!
  13. Bigturbomax

    1995 Ducati 916

    Damn thats a pretty bike

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