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  1. Grantassstic

    Fz-07 Rear Handbrake

    Has anyone built/fabricated a rear handbrake for their Fz-07? If so, do you have any tips (such as sing the handbrake for an R6?). Thanks!
  2. Grantassstic

    Crankcase Oil Leakage

    It's definitely oil :/
  3. Grantassstic

    Crankcase Oil Leakage

    Ok, thanks.
  4. Grantassstic

    Crankcase Oil Leakage

    Here's the region its leaking from. I drained the coolant and removed the cover again to check and the O rings were in the grooves just fine.
  5. Grantassstic

    Crankcase Oil Leakage

    I replaced the two O-rings the hoses go into and the odd shaped O ring that goes between the pump housing and the crankcase cover.
  6. I recently replaced my water pump cover on my 2015 Fz-07 (this included a new gasket). Oil has been leaking out of the upper right portion of the water pump cover, where it bolts onto the crankcase. The bolt was torqued to the owner's manual specifications. Any thoughts or suggestions before I try to take it to a mechanic? Thanks, guys!
  7. Grantassstic

    Water Pump Cover Replacement

    Thank you, this is very helpful! I'll try that route first.
  8. Has anyone replaced the cover/housing for the water pump on the Fz-07? It's leaking from a slide on the right side of the bike. It's part number 34 here: http://oemparts.chaparral-racing.com/oemparts/a/yam/53a99b19f8700220a44158ba/water-pump Alternatively, should I have a shop do this? Thanks
  9. Grantassstic

    2015 Fz-07 Wheel Replacement

    Thanks for the input.
  10. Grantassstic

    2015 Fz-07 Wheel Replacement

    Thanks for the heads up! I'm choosing from the California specific model (yes--stupid emissions means we got a separate model) so I should be ok.
  11. Grantassstic

    2015 Fz-07 Wheel Replacement

    Thank you, both!
  12. Well, sadly I need to replace the front wheel on my 2015 Fz-07 (graphite edition, with the blue/purple frame and wheels). My confusion stems from choosing which wheel to purchase as two are listed in the OEM guide for my particular model. They are: Cast Wheel, Front DPBM15 FOR DNMN and Cast Wheel, Front LGB FOR BWC1,VRC1 ( http://oemparts.chaparral-racing.com/oemparts/a/yam/53a99b1cf8700220a44158d2/front-wheel ). I have contacted Chaparral, but would appreciate if I could get faster feedback here! Cheers
  13. Grantassstic

    Give away!

    Yamaha FZ07 protection cage and skid plate

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