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  1. FZ07R WaNaB

    My FZ-07 Lost It's Virginity

    I did a better inspection today, and I definitely scratched the left side case. Nothing serious, but I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for the Frame slider, I would not have ridden away from that wreck. What would have really sucked was that I was 250+ miles from home which would mean getting transportation for me and the bike as well as getting the FZ fixed locally.... but damn I had fun
  2. FZ07R WaNaB

    My FZ-07 Lost It's Virginity

    Actually pretty good - by the time I hit the ground, enough speed had been skimmed off so all I got was a couple scrape marks on my jacket which is: https://www.cyclegear.com/gear/bilt-blaze-jacket
  3. Yep, it happened yesterday in the backroads of rural Pennsylvania. Oh, in case you are wondering.... I wrecked my bike. It was on one of those mountain roads with tons of sharp corners. There was some gravel in a turn that was the same color as the pavement, and I did not see it until the rear end of my bike started getting squirrelly. I saved the rear end from sliding out but unfortunately the bike was heading onto a gravel filled berm. I wasn't sure if I could save it in the gravel, and sadly I did not. The good news is that neither myself or the bike got screwed up much at all. To the naysayers of frame sliders, all can say is that I am VERY glad I had them. My Shogun frame slider got scuffed/ground as did my front OES axle slider, but not the case or the tank cover.. The only other thing was my Barkbuster appears to be broken, but I'll know more after I tear it apart. I came out of it fine other than getting trapped under my bike. It was strange as I couldn't pull my foot out or lift the bike up. Fortunately I was riding with someone, and he lifted the bike off me. I rode over 400 miles after the wreck, and everything seems fine except for me being noticably less agressive in the corners. I seriously believe my dirt bike background saved me from what could have been a much worse wreck.
  4. FZ07R WaNaB

    FZ-07 General Review

    Well, I just got back from riding 690 miles in 30 hours on my FZ-07 with the STOCK seat. I gotta tell ya, Yamaha got it right with that saddle! Ye olde butt feels OK fine
  5. While technically not a tech tip, it should be noted that due to the different seat being wider, the practical seat height is higher. The seat height is listed the same for the 2018 model as the previous one - 31.7". The actuality is that due to one's legs being bowed outwardly, those of us who are vertically challenged do not have the same amount of ground contact as the earlier models.
  6. So do it the quick and usually not as painful way.... BUY a dirt bike! Nothing like dirt bike riding as the ultimate cross trainer for a street bike. You learn how to not panic as you are typically riding in near out-of-control situations all the time unless you are a total wuss. You learn ways to prevent wrecks. Awesome tool to teach about those things called BRAKES. You learn how to ride a bike standing up which can be helpful on the street too. You learn how to wreck properly (yes, there is such a thing) which has a lot to do with learning how to roll when you hit the ground. You learn how to slide a bike and not freak out. The list goes on - ultimately you will be a much better street rider as a result of some serious dirt bike experience. That doesn't mean you have to be a motocrosser (it's really fun if you are) but you can just go trail riding and still learn a ton of bike handling skills. Don't forget the OTHER saying... you WILL get a ticket. Once again that goes back the total wuss scenario. Of course, if you bought a FZ-07, you inherently are not a total wuss, and yes, that ticket is waiting for you.. Be smart and don't try to outrun the cops, unless you are under 30 which means you can blame it on being young and stupid.
  7. Hey, I'm 60 and 5' 6", and I think over is way better than through. Actually the FZ is so stable mounting it that way that it is seriously surprising, plus it's just easier.
  8. Here's my version... Yamaha saddlebags and a Kriega US-30. It works great! The best news is that you can get on the bike by putting your left foot on the left peg and swing your right leg around and over the Kriega. The kick stand easily holds your body weight and I'm over 200lbs.
  9. FZ07R WaNaB

    Red Bull hare scramble in Austria

    You are probably talking about this: https://www.amazon.com/Enduro-Erzberg-Iron-Giant-Strikes/dp/B00DA9UAJE Great video, but too bad it went up in price. I bought it for $0.99. BTW, those guys are freaking crazy, and awesome motorcycle riders!
  10. So I got my new insurance bill from Dairyland Insurance. My first bill was $368/year for full coverage. My second one was $511, and now the new one is $528. I called to both complain, and see if they will reduce it. I have a clean driving record and am 60 years old. They checked, and there were no errors. I live in the DC area, and I know insurance in general is high here. The sad part is that I don't think I can beat that price for the same coverage. Progressive is 2-3 times more expensive. Dairyland doesn't consider the FZ a sport bike which is why the are less expensive than some. I'm obviously going to do some research. What surprised me though is that the Dairyland rep told me that they penalize for your age. They give bumps on the 5's starting at 55. That pretty well sucks! I can see it if you are riding motorcycle at 75+, but 60 - WTF
  11. FZ07R WaNaB

    FZ-07 General Review

    FWIW, you can make a huge change in your suspension for very little $$$ You can get a set of Sonic fork springs for $80-$90 delivered, and then you throw in money for fork oil ($15 ish). What this will give you is a MUCH better front suspension which includes a serious reduction of dive. If you do the work yourself, you are talking $100. Also, after you get the forks straightened out, just adjust the preload on the rear shock to best work with the forks. Yes, a new shock will make a big difference, but one thing at a time. I am using a mixture of a 90 spring and a 95 spring which seems to works well for anyone in the 200-250lb range. I'm using a mix of 10w and 15w oil in a 50/50 ratio. The forum's suspension guru, pattonme, might be able to sell you a mix of spring weights, and definitely he can sell you matching spring weights.
  12. FZ07R WaNaB

    FZ-07 General Review

    If you read enough reviews/comments on this FZ-07 forum, you will find people, like myself, who have zero problem with the stock seat (2015-2017). I had one ride doing 535 miles in a day, and another ride with 702 miles in 1.5 days, and my butt was fine. I've done more than my share of mods on my FZ, and changing the saddle was never on the radar. I would not hesitate to do serious touring on the stock saddle. I mention this in case a person on-the-fence thinks they are screwed because of the saddle, and they end up missing out on an unbelievably fun motorcycle. The stock saddle may be fine, and if not, there are many alternatives.
  13. IMO it did not work. More specifically if you are vetically challenged as I am, the new saddle is wider and bows your legs outwardly making the realistic seat height higher than the 2015-2017 saddles. Absolutely doesn't work for me as the original saddle was just on the edge of being too tall for me. The good news for me is that I'm one of the few that actually likes the stock saddle, and never once thought about changing it.
  14. FZ07R WaNaB

    2WDW Labor Day Sale

    I've done my share of mods to my FZ-07 in a learn as you go way. If I did it again, the flash would absolutely be #1 followed by heavier fork springs/heavier fork oil and then a new shock. These three will transform your bike into a completely different motorcycle which is poop tons more fun to ride and a heck of a lot safer. Plus if you decide to get an exhaust, the reflash only costs you shipping. Enjoy!!!
  15. FZ07R WaNaB

    Brake Pads

    I went for a ride today, and was really liking my EBC HH pads over the OEM ones on the front discs. I have had the EBC pads for about 1300 miles which means that I am use to them, but for some reason today I remembered just how lame the stock ones were. I don't get how some folks think the OEM pads are the best. I never did a thing other then change the pads as in no fluid change, bleeding or braided steel lines. So it really was an apple-to-apple comparison, and the OEMs sucked!

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