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  1. Thank you! Be aware you have to solder something inside the cockpit to connect the remote control. Not really difficult but its only for people with soldering experience.
  2. Thank you!!! yes I agree. So many good people out there.
  3. Hey guys. Here the final video for this cockpit/dash project. Hope you'll like it.
  4. stev74

    Don't ever test ride a Ninja 1000

    Never drove it but always loved the look of that bike. In europe I think it's called z1000sx. I drove the versys 1000 with the same engine I guess. That engine was amazing. So smooth and can be very fast.
  5. $5.66 per gallon in Austria.
  6. I drove 73km ( = 45.3mi) with "flash E" till the engine starts stuttering. Tested it one time. If you turn on ignition the dash needs some time to calculate an accurate value. You must imagine the reedings from the sensor fluctuating a lot so you need lets say 200 readings to show something what is close to reality. But people would get nervous if the dash not shows the fuel gauge immediately...so it shows you "something" in the beginning.
  7. Awesome project. I always wanted to look into that engine mapping programming. Unfortunately I have no place for doing it. Anyway I wish you all the best with the project!!! Grüße aus Wien!
  8. The tank sensor measurement is not very accurate....especially when the tank is > 60% full. Its getting better the less fuel is in it.
  9. stev74

    Versys 1000 ridden at Kawa demo

    I think you drove with the less power driving mode. When I started to drive with it it was also in a lower power mode and it felt similar than you described...but when I switched to the "full power mode" my impression was more like "holy moly this is quick" :)...because I not expected it to be that quick. The engine I liked a lot...so smooth... but like you said I also felt some fine vibrations. Not sure if it would make fingers numb or something like that. I'm very tall so for me it fits great. Also for driving with a passenger thats one of the most comfortable bikes I know....and the clutch is soooo effordless like you said.
  10. stev74

    Versys 1000 ridden at Kawa demo

    Are you sure you had the highest driving mode selected in the versys ? (the lower one has less power) Because to me this bike goes really well. It felt a lot quicker than the MT-07 when I testdrove it. I like the versys 1000 a lot.
  11. 6A. That sounds too much to me. Are you sure bigturbomax?
  12. I tried to connect today my old XTZ750 dash what I have lying around at home to the CAN Bus. I used the grip heater mosfet of my selfmade cockpit to generate the correct frequency for the XTZ750 dash. So theoretically I could connect it now to the MT-07
  13. Looks fantastic! Need to testdrive it.

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