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  1. Grip it & Rip it

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    I agree that's the thing... this will only work if HD can somehow put out a reasonably not-heavy bike... which would be a first, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. kinda looks like the Aprilia Shiver 750 with that new headlight. looks good.
  3. Grip it & Rip it

    Got an itch for a new bike

    The tracer 900 GT calls out to me... It’s probably gonna be a while before I get another bike though.
  4. Grip it & Rip it

    78000 miles and running strong

    awesome. a lot of gas stations here in sf are going over the 4 dollar mark, which is insane. how much is your gas faffi? I’m too lazy to do the math
  5. Grip it & Rip it

    The ol old helmet debate

    I think liability is a big issue. The helmet would very likely still offer great protection in a crash, but at 11 years old, there’s no way the manufacturer can legally guarantee that everything would function the way it should. Helmets are designed to be light for comfort, and light materials like plastics and foams are not going to be the most durable, long lasting materials. That being said, of course these companies want to sell as many helmets as possible, so they will probably err on the conservative side when estimating the longevity of their product. I highsided in a 30 year old shoei at under 20 mph and took it on the chin protector, and that helmet saved my jaw/face.
  6. Grip it & Rip it

    Versys 1000 ridden at Kawa demo

    I know Norway is a wealthy country, but.. ouch!
  7. Grip it & Rip it

    Versys 1000 ridden at Kawa demo

    Wait... 25 grand?? What kind of crazy import tax do you guys have?
  8. Grip it & Rip it

    Yoshimura carb/50 state exhaust

    Sounds great! I think your video is the first one on the internet lol. How does the fueling feel? I assume you have a stock ecu? Also, the R77 doesn't do a loop-de-loop like that, though it also doesn't have a cat...
  9. Grip it & Rip it

    Triple Diamond Single Track

    Good friend of mine takes his KLR to Hollister every so often, what a nut. He even used to ride it to Hollister from SF, but stopped after he got a flat on the freeway coming back on a sunday night.
  10. I gotta say, I finally saw a 2018 in person recently and it looked a lot better than it did in pictures...
  11. Please update on your mpg after you get your exhaust and flashed ecu on
  12. If the gigantic rear rubber has anything at all to do with how stable this bike feels when leaning even at low speeds, then I'm all for it.
  13. Grip it & Rip it

    Project FZ Supertwin

  14. Grip it & Rip it


    In the 1500 or so miles I’ve ridden, I’ve never been able to crack my average fuel consumption of 44-46 mpg on my stock bike. Really wanna get a yosh+flash but if I end up getting around 36 mpg I’m not gonna be stoked, mostly cause my range would be so tiny.
  15. Grip it & Rip it

    Seat I.D.

    I do a lot of riding in that area, but somehow, I don’t think I’ve ever been on that road... I could be wrong though. I’m gonna have to check it out. That area is like disneyland for motorcyclists. I was just there on superbowl sunday and did nearly 200 miles of twisty shredding, it was a perfect day for riding- warm and little traffic.

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